Doctor of Nursing Practice


37 credit hours

Professional Coursework (37 credits)*
  • D736 Inquiry I: Evidence-based Research and Translation Science (fall - 1) (3 cr)
  • D751 Knowledge Complexity (fall - 1) (3 cr)
  • D749 DNP Practicum (each semester) (7 cr)**
  • D751 Relationship-centered Leadership in Complex Systems (spring - 1) (3 cr)
  • D743 Influencing Public Health Policy (spring - 1) (3 cr)
  • I630 Introduction to Nursing Informatics (summer - 1) (3 cr)
  • Elective (summer -1) (3 cr)
  • D615 Health Care Outcomes and Decision-making (fall - 2) (3 cr)
  • D735 Clinical Epidemiology/Statistics in Nursing (fall - 2) (3 cr)
  • D744 Strategic Resource Management in Nursing and Health Systems (spring - 2) (3 cr)
  • Elective course (spring - 2) (3 cr)

There are a number of certificate options available. Your electives may be used to meet certificate course requirements.

*Full-time study is completed in five semesters. Certificate coursework may add time to your program.

**A total of seven credit hours of practicum coursework will be required of students to meet the 1000 hour post-baccalaureate practice requirement for the DNP degree. These practicum credits are focused on leadership development, on-campus case studies, and student-chosen immersion experiences. The ratio is five clock hours to one credit hour per week for a total of 75 clock hours per credit per semester.

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