Program Tracks

BSN Accelerated Second Degree Track

Accelerated Second Degree Track Curriculum

64 credit hours

The BSN accelerated second degree track curriculum is cutting edge, concept-based, and competency focused. It is specially designed for anyone who has earned a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field and who wants to pursue a nursing career. Many of the general education credit hours (such as the humanities, communications, and social sciences) from your first degree can be transferred and applied toward your BSN degree. Use our transcript self-evaluation tool to determine which prerequisite courses you may have already completed. The accelerated nursing track will also prepare you to pursue graduate education.

In fact, we lead the way when it comes to designing relevant and vigorous coursework that reflects the current changes in health care. Why? To make sure that you will be exceptionally well-prepared for your future in nursing. The program learning outcomes will show you just what we mean. 

  • Semester 1

    Course Credits Didactic or Clinical
    B261 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing 4 Didactic
    B247 Comprehensive Health Assessment 3 Didactic
    B245 Health Assessment Lab 2 Clinical/Lab
    B260 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice   Didactic Clinical/Lab
    B237 Promoting Healthy Populations 3 Didactic* (Hybrid)
    Total 17
  • Semester 2

    Course Credits Didactic or Clinical
    B334 Transitional Care of Families and Populations 5 Didactic Clinical
    B253 Collaborative Practice 3 Didactic* (Hybrid)
    H356 Biophysical Processes 5 Didactic Clinical
    R375 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3 Didactic* (Online or Hybrid)
    Total 16  
  • Semester 3

    Course Credits Didactic or Clinical
    H371 Adaptive Processes 5 (3/2) Didactic Clinical
    L330 Leadership in Healthcare Delivery and Policy 4 Didactic* (Hybrid)
    H360 Interactive Processes 5 (3/2) Didactic Clinical
    S474 Healthcare Ethics 3 Didactic* (Online)
    Total 17
  • Semester 4

    Course Credits Didactic or Clinical
    S489 Second Degree Synthesis for Professional Nursing Practice 3 Didactic* (Hybrid)
    B445 Nursing Intensive for Second Degree: Managing Transitions Across Care Environments 3 Didactic* (Hybrid)
    H476 Complex Processes 5    (3/2) Didactic Clinical
    S483 Capstone 3 Clinical
    Total 14  

Review the course descriptions.

*Students admitted to the Second Degree Accelerated BSN track before Summer 2018 should login and reference the curriculum plan located in the Canvas BSN Student Information site. You must use your IU Login to access.