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RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Option

RN to BSN Curriculum

120 credit hours

The RN to BSN online degree completion option curriculum is designed with the adult learner in mind, focused on the needs of working nurses and their employers.

Your previous academic education and work experiences are valuable. You will gain special credit for 33-36 hours of nursing courses in the BSN curriculum. Further, if you believe you have the appropriate education or experience to receive credit for an additional course in the RN to BSN completion program:

  • Identify the specific course, review the course description, and expected outcomes.
  • Notify your academic advisor of your desire to provide evidence of having met the course outcomes.

If you are successful, you will be awarded portfolio credit for having met the course outcomes. Up to 6 special credits may be earned toward degree completion. The remaining 30 credits, including capstone and electives, must be taken through Indiana University in order to meet the residency requirement.

All nine campuses across the state of Indiana offer the RN to BSN Degree Completion Program. Visit the main site to learn about:

Required Nursing Courses
  • B331 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice  (Note: this course must be taken in the first term)
  • H355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health Care Research
  • R375 Nursing Research
  • B304 Health Policy
  • B404 Informatics
  • S487 Nursing Management: RN BSN
  • S475 A Multisystem Approach to the Health of the Community: RN BSN
  • S474 Applied Healthcare Ethics
  • R470 Capstone
Nursing Application Electives (select 2 from this list)
  • K301 The Art and Science of Complementary Health
  • K434 Global Health Issues in Nursing
  • K499 Genetics and Genomics
  • B344 Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • K305 New Innovations in Health and Health Care
  • B403 Gerontological Nursing
  • P345 Pharmacology 
  • S410 Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
  • S420 Care Coordination in Transitions of Care
General Education Requirements

You must complete 30 hours of general education courses and 9 of those credits may be taken along with required nursing courses. 

The General Education is the Statewide General Education Core (STGEC) designation.   A minimum of 3 credit hours each competency in:  Written Communication,  Speaking and Listening, Quantitative Reasoning, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing, and Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing.  Then 12 additional credits hours in any of the 6 competencies.