Program Tracks

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Traditional Track

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Traditional Track Curriculum

120 credit hours

The IU School of Nursing is committed to offering a cutting-edge, relevant, and evidence-based curriculum. In fact, we lead the way when it comes to designing relevant and vigorous coursework that reflects the current changes in health care to ensure that you will be exceptionally well-prepared for your future in nursing. The program learning outcomes will show you just what we mean. 

  • First Year
    1st Semester
    Description Course Credits
    GE*: Core Communication; English Composition ENG W131 3
    GE*: Finite Math MATH M118 3
    GE*: Introduction to Psychology PSY B110 3
    GE*: Anatomy  BIOL N261) 5
    GE*: First Year Seminar choose one 1
    Total   15
    2nd Semester
    Description Course Credits
    GE*: Arts & Humanities choose one 3
    GE*: Introductory Sociology  SOC R100 3
    GE*: Fundamentals of Speech COMM R110** 3
    Physiology BIO N217 5
    Cultural Understanding 3
    Total   17

    *General Education
    **Or campus-specific requirement

  • Second Year
    3rd Semester
    Description Course Credits
    GE*: Life & Physical Sciences choose one 3
    Health Assessment NURS B244/245 5
    Promoting Healthy Populations NURS B234/235 5
    Professionalism in Collaborative Practice NURS B253 3
    Total   16
    4th Semester
    Description Course Credits
    Microbiology MICR J210 4
    Fundamentals of Nursing Practice NURS B260 5
    Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Nursing NURS B261 4
    Health Care Delivery Systems NURS L230 3
    Total   16
  • Third Year
    5th Semester
    Description Course Credits
    GE: Analytical Reasoning: Data Analysis in Clinical Practice & Healthcare Research *** NURS H355 3
    Clinical Care I: Biophysical Processes NURS H356 5
    Transtional Care of Families & Poplualtions NURS B334 5
    Open Elective   3
    Total   16
    6th Semester
    Description Course Credits
    Clinical Care II: Interactive Processes NURS H360 5
    Clinical Care III: Adaptive Processes NURS H371 5
    Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice NURS R375 3
    Total   13

    *** This course satisfies both a general education requirement, as well as a program requirement

  • Fourth Year
    7th Semester
    Description Course Credits
    Clincal Care IV: Complex Processes NURS H476 5
    Leadership in Healthcare Delivery & Policy NURS L430 5
    Open Elective   3
    Pediatric Clinical Care NURS H303 1
    Total   14
    8th Semester
    Description Course Credits
    Nursing Synthesis NURS S488 2
    Nursing Practice Capstone NURS S483 3
    Health Care Ethics NURS S474 3

    Nursing Intensive: Managing Health & Illness Across 

    Care Environments

    NURS B444 5
    Total   13
    Total Credit Hours 120

Review the course descriptions.

Available Courses
  • Choices for Cultural Understanding
    • AFRO A140 Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studies
    • AFRO A150 Survey of the Culture of Black Americans
    • AFRO A152 Introduction to African Studies
    • AMST A101 Introduction to American Studies
    • ANTH A104 Cultural Anthropology
    • ASL A131 First Year American Sign Language I
    • ASL A132 First Year American Sign Language II
    • ASL A211 Second Year American Sign Language I
    • ASL A212 Second Year American Sign Language II
    • CLAS L131 Beginning Latin I
    • EALC C131 First Year Chinese I
    • EALC  J131 Beginning Japanese I
    • EDUC E201 Multicultural Education/Global Awareness
    • ENG L245 Introduction to Caribbean Literature
    • FREN F131 First Year French I
    • GER G131 First Year German I
    • HER H221 Art Past and Present
    • INTL I100 Introduction to International Studies
    • ITAL M131 Beginning Italian I
    • LATS L101 Introduction to Latino Studies
    • MUS M394 Survey of African American Music
    • MUS Z105 Traditions in World Music
    • NELC A131 Basic Arabic I
    • PSY B203 Ethics and Diversity in Psychology
    • REL R101 Religion and Culture
    • SPAN S131 First Year Spanish I
    • SWK S102 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
    • TCEM T208 Global Tourism Geography
    • TCEMT234 Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Choices for Arts and Humanities
    • ART 21000 History of Architecture I
    • CLAS C205 Classical Mythology
    • COMM T130 Introduction to Theatre
    • ENG L105 Appreciation of Literature
    • ENG L115 Literature for Today
    • ENGL202 Literary Interpretation
    • ENG L203 Introduction to Drama
    • ENG L205 Introduction to Poetry
    • ENG L207 Women and Literature
    • ENG W210 Literacy and Public Life
    • FILM C292 Introduction to Film
    • HER E101 Beginning Drawing I
    • HER E501 Beginning Painting I
    • HER E109 Color and Design for Non-Art Majors
    • HER E201 Photography I
    • HER E214 Visual Learning: From Simpsons to the Guerrilla Girls
    • HER H100 Art Appreciation
    • HER H101 History of Art 1
    • HER H102 History of Art 2
    • HER V214 History of Visual Communications
    • MHHS M201 Introduction to Medical Humanities and Health Studies
    • MSTD A101 Understanding Museums
    • MUS E241 Introduction to Music Fundamentals
    • MUS M174 Music for the Listener
    • MUS Z201 History of Rock and Roll Music
    • NEWM N101 Foundation of New Media
    • PHIL P110 Introduction to Philosophy
    • PHIL P120 Ethics
    • PHST P105 Giving and Volunteering in America
    • REL R133 Introduction to Religion
    • REL R212 Comparative Religions
  • Choices for Life and Physical Science
    • ANTH A103 Human Origins and Prehistory
    • AST A100 The Solar System
    • AST A105 Stars and Galaxies
    • AST A205 Quasars, Pulsars and Black Holes
    • BIOL 10011 Principles of Biomedical Sciences
    • BIOL K101 Concepts of Biology I
    • BIOL K103 Concepts of Biology II
    • BIOL N100 Contemporary Biology
    • BIOL N107 Exploring the World of Animals
    • BIOL N108 Plants, Animals and the Environment
    • BIOL N200 Biology of Women
    • BIOL N212 Human Biology
    • BIOL N213 Human Biology Lab
    • CHEM C100 The World of Chemistry
    • CHEM C101 Elementary Chemistry I
    • CHEM C105 Principles of Chemistry I
    • CHEM C110 The Chemistry of Life
    • CHEM C115 Lab for the Chemistry of Life
    • FIS 10101 Investigating Forensic Science
    • FIS 20500 Concepts of Forensic Science I
    • FIS 20600 Concepts of Forensic Science II
    • GEOG G107 Physical Systems of Environment
    • GEOL G107 Environmental Geology
    • GEOL G109 Fundamentals of Earth History
    • GEOL G110 Physical Geology
    • GEOL G115 Introduction to Oceanography
    • GEOL G135 Indiana Geology
    • HPER N220 Nutrition for Health
    • HPER P205 Structural Kinesiology
    • PHYS 10000 Physics in the Modern World
    • PHYS 15200 Mechanics
    • PHYS 20000 Physical Environment
    • PHYS 21800 General Physics I
    • PSY B201 Foundations of Neuroscience

Review a complete list of  IUPUI general education courses

*Students applying for admission for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 please refer to the program plan provided by your HLS advisor.