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BSN Traditional Track Honors Program

What is the Nursing Honors Program?

The program is designed to challenge motivated students who are interested in developing skills in the areas of knowledge generation, utilization, and dissemination by working closely with a faculty mentor. Honors students complete 24 hours of undergraduate honors coursework, 18 of which have been designed to coincide with Nursing coursework once admitted into the program. Students will work with a faculty research mentor during their regular course of study. This study opportunity may be attractive to those interested in graduate studies, including masters and doctoral education.

Why pursue Nursing Honors?

Students who complete the honors program are well prepared for professional practice and graduate school based on their in-depth exploration of a nursing phenomenon of interest. Moreover, an honors designation demonstrates to potential employers or graduate school admissions committees that the applicant sought enriching opportunities and challenges beyond the general curriculum. For more information about being admitted to the Honors College, please visit

Who is eligible for the Nursing Honors Program?

Students admitted to the IUPUI Honors College prior to Nursing School Admission participate in the Nursing Honors Program. Select scholarships within the Honors college provide students with direct admission to the Nursing School. The School of Nursing Honors Program includes a prescribed set of coursework that was designed to satisfy these students’ scholarship requirements and honors coursework. The Nursing Honors Program is offered to students in the Traditional BSN Track only.

What are some of the features of the Nursing Honors Program?

Honors students move through the honors program as a cohort, over the course of three years.  Their faculty colloquium leader and mentor will help the student cohorts learn about the research process as they work on independent and/or small group projects.

Students have the unique experience of working closely with research faculty.  During that time, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Partner with faculty mentors on a research project and observe research team functions
  • Collect and/or access data relevant to the identified research project
  • Prepare and participate in data analysis
  • Prepare/present a research poster and/or presentation at local, regional, or national venues
  • Prepare and submit results for possible publication

Who can you talk to about the Nursing Honors Program? 

Contact us at 317-274-2806 or and indicate you're interested in speaking to an academic advisor about the Nursing Honors Program. 

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