The Office of Research Support provides a variety of resources to support both faculty and student research in all stages of development and submission. Services include pre- and post-award, as well as support for statistics, data management, and editing.

Pre-award Services

The principal investigator/project director and the pre-award team collaborate throughout the grant development and submission process. Peer review at various stages along the grant proposal development timeline ensure that you submit competitive proposals and maximize potential for success. Other services include

  • Budget preparation
  • Application formatting
  • University internal grant processing including compiling and copying applications
  • Resources and facilities information
  • Biosketches, letters of support, and human subject certification
  • Agency guidelines
  • Mock reviews
  • Faculty research groups
  • Think tanks

Post-award Services

Once your research receives external funding, our post-award services help to orient you and project staff on efficiently and effectively managing your project. Services provided by the center include

  • Directing you to the Institutional Review Board and other research compliance regulatory bodies and resources
  • Updating investigators and project managers on changes in university and granting agency expenditure policies and procedures
  • Training principal investigators and/or project staff in fiscal budget management and grant administration
  • Serving as a resource for project managers
  • Directing grant personnel to university policies
  • Providing consultation on administrative issues, including budget management, travel, research space, hiring research staff, purchasing, and participant incentives
  • Coordinating bi-monthly project manager group meetings
  • Investigator support group

Additional Support

Unfunded or underfunded researchers may consult with our statistician to determine the best statistical tests to analyze your data, interpret your analyses, and present your results clearly in manuscripts and presentations. A data manager develops Access and SPSS databases and provides ongoing data management support for unfunded research or smaller grants with budgets that do not provide for data management services.

A part-time editor assists you with grant proposal and manuscript preparation. An Indiana University composition professor with an MA in English Literature, the editor is also a published writer familiar with health content, research methodology, and is a member of the International Society for Intellectual History.