The mission of the ORS (Office of Research Support) is to support you to develop and carry out your research and scholarly activities, advancing clinical and educational science and ultimately improve health.

The ORS supports your research and scholarship through educational programs, dissemination of funding announcements, and expert consultation. We can help you develop your ideas, create an action plan, plan and complete data analysis, and format and proof your finished products. We have content, topic, statistical, and editorial experts to help you at every point in your journey.

Are you submitting an application for funding? Let the Office of Research Support fully support you! Our pre-award services include application planning and development, budget preparation, analysis consultation, and comprehensive submission guidance including application formatting, review of agency guidelines, biosketch preparation, collection of letters of support, and assistance in writing about available institutional resources. We can also help you respond to reviewer comments prior to resubmission.

Once you are funded, the ORS can help! We can help with announcing your award, preparing press releases, hiring personnel, interpreting funding agency and university policies, and other regulatory, operational, and fiscal aspects of project management.

In the 2020 fiscal year, the Office of Research Support received a total of $6,408,427 in external funding.  These grant funds allow our faculty to improve healthcare, through their innovative research.

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    Research Centers & Institutes

    Within the Office of Research Support, four centers focus on research to improve the health and well being of specific populations.

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    Research Portfolio

    In the 2017 fiscal year, the Office of Research Support received a total of $7,372,932 in external funding. This funding allows faculty researchers to improve lives through nursing research. 

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    In-house resources are available to support researchers from study conception through application and funding to implementation.

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    Several training opportunities exist to provide you a continuum of education preparation. Our goal is to help you reach your career goals in the healthcare profession and prepare you to meet the lifelong challenges and possibilities you'll face as a nurse researcher.

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    IU Nursing Leader Partnership

    This nationally recognized and award-winning partnership between IU School of Nursing and IU Health provides a unique opportunity to further your research career.

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