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Social Network Health Research Lab


The Indiana University School of Nursing and ChaCha have joined in a partnership to provide Indiana University researchers access to anonymous, de-identified questions from the ChaCha question and answer service in order to better understand a variety of health and cultural topics.

Published Manuscripts:

  1. *Miller, W. R., Gesselman, A. N., Garcia, J. R., Groves, D., & Buelow, J. M. (2017). Epilepsy-related romantic and sexual relationship problems and concerns: Indications from internet message boards. Epilepsy & Behavior, 74, 149-153.
  2. *Carpenter, J. S., Groves, D., Chen, C. X., Otte, J. L., & Miller, W. R. (2017). Menopause and big data: Word adjacency graph modeling of menopause-related ChaCha® data. Menopause, epub ahead of print.
  3. *Miller, W. R., Groves, D., Knopf, A., Otte, J., & Silverman, R. (2017). The patient voice in big data: Word adjacency graph modeling of epilepsy-related ChaCha data. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 39(1), 166-185.
  4. *Priest C., Knopf, A., Groves, D., Carpenter, J., Furrey, C., Krishna, A., Miller, W. R., Otte, J., Palakal, M., Wiehe, S., & Wilson, J. (2016). Finding the patient’s voice using Big Data: Analysis of users’ health related concerns in the ChaCha question and answer service (2009-2012). Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18(3).

Data-based articles in press:

  1. Dutta, M., Murray, L., Groves, D.,& Miller, W. (in press). Effects of Epilepsy on Language Functions: Scoping review and data mining findings. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology.
  2. Chen, C. X., Groves, D., Miller, W. R., & Carpenter, J. S. (In Press). Big Data and Dysmenorrhea: What questions do females and males ask about menstrual pain? Journal of Women’s Health.

Data-based articles under review in peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Crowder, S., Carter-Harris, L., Groves, D., Hood, S. & Miller, W. (in review). Using Big Data to Understand Social Conversations about Electronic Cigarettes: Pre- and Post-FDA electronic cigarette ruling (2016) Using Twitter Data

Data-based articles in preparation:

  1. Otte, J. M., Groves, D., & Miller, W.
  2. Gesselman, A., Garcia, J., & Miller, W.

Grants (awarded or submitted using lab data):

  1. IUNI: Miller, W.R. (co-PI). Use of Big Data to Investigate SUDEP. $15,000
  2. R21/NINR: Miller, W.R. (PI). Development and Testing of PRiSM for Adults with Epilepsy. Score: 24
  3. R01/NLM: Miller, W.R. (PI). myAURA: Personalized Web Service for Epilepsy Management. Score: 40 (resubmission March, 2018)
  4. R15 (NINR): Miller, W.R. (PI) with Kinsey Institute. Achievement of Positive Outcomes in Epilepsy: Examining the Role of Relationship Characteristics.

Student Involvement:

30 undergraduate honors nursing students have used ChaCha data to introduce them to the research process.