Research Centers & Institutes

Faculty Innovating for Nursing Education

The FINE Center is an overarching way of organizing and connecting efforts focused on nursing education for synergistic outcomes. It provides a structure to coordinate efforts for preparing nurses who wish to become nurse educators, system leaders in healthcare education, and/or researchers who will develop the science of nursing education.

You will find four key areas in the Center: Educator Preparation; Educator Development; Scholarship/Research; and International Education. These serve as the major organizing structure to create the future of nursing education. 

You will also find internationally recognized faculty ready to help you along your career journey.


  • Educator Preparation

    Equip nurses who will become faculty or Nursing Professional Development generalists/specialists as educators, scholars, leaders, and/or researchers with skills to prepare learners for practice in increasingly interdisciplinary, interprofessional, international, and technologically sophisticated health care settings.


    • MSN in nursing education
    • Post-master’s certificate in Nursing Education
    • PhD with focus on nursing education
    • DNP with focus in leadership for healthcare education
    • BSN and RN to BSN with electives focused on nursing education
  • Educator Development

    Offering orientation and continuing education programs for preceptors, adjunct and full-time faculty to ensure the use of evidence-based education practices in a variety of learning environments.


    • Faculty orientation to teaching
    • Faculty development about teaching, assessment/evaluation, course and curriculum development, faculty role, promotion and tenure, and research
    • Programs for Nursing Professional Development Educators (NPFD)
  • Education Scholarship and Research

    Develop scholars and researchers to generate and translate education science to improve clinical practice, healthcare systems, and patient outcomes.


    • Office of Research Support
    • FINE Center
  • International Education

    Advancing educator preparation to lead educational innovation to improve health outcomes locally, nationally, and globally.


    • International partnerships
    • International scholarship and research
    • Elective or short courses, study abroad programs


Indiana University School of Nursing is the first school in the nation to be designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education in two categories:  Advancing the Science of Nursing Education (2021-2026) and Promoting the Pedagogical Expertise of Faculty (2017-2022).