"Pulse Points" is an informative, exciting podcast hosted by Dean Robin Newhouse. Each episode features a student, staff, or faculty member discussing their experiences at IU School of Nursing and the surrounding communities, current research projects, industry news, and more. Join us each month for a new episode.

Episode #8: Knowing the Signs of Heart Failure, How to Prevent the Disease and Studying the Effects of Cognitive Training on Memory of Patients with Heart Failure

In recognition of American Heart Month, IU School of Nursing Professor and Director of the Center for Enhancing Quality of Life in Chronic Illness Dr. Susan Pressler, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA, joins the podcast to discuss the causes, risk factors and best prevention and wellness practices related to heart disease. As a cardiovascular researcher, she shares her information on her current study on how coginitive training can improve memory in patients with heart failure.

Meg Moorman Interview

Episode #7: Critical Health Information on Birth Defect Types, Causes and Prevention Methods for National Birth Defect Prevention Month and Importance of Folic Acid Intake

In honor of National Birth Defect Prevention Month, Clinical Assistant Professor Meg Moorman, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, discusses the aspects of birth defects including different types, causes, prevention methods, screening tests and best questions to ask your doctor or nurse practitioner. Dr. Moorman also shares the importance of taking folic acid during pregnancy and what foods folic acid is found in.

Amy KnopfEpisode #6: Population Trends in HIV/AIDS Infections and the Need to Include Adolescents in Biomedical Prevention Trials for International AIDS Awareness Month 
Assistant Professor Dr. Amy Knopf, PhD, MPH, RN, joins Dean Newhouse during International AIDS Awareness Month to discuss population trends in terms of HIV/AIDS infections, the effect of the disease on marginalized populations and why she feels it's crucial to focus on enrolling adolescents and young adults in biomedical prevention trials. Dr. Knopf details her research into the legal complexities, ethical considerations and the effects of including young people in these trials.

Lisa Carter HarrisEpisode #5: Studying Patients' Decision-Making Processes for Lung Cancer Screenings for National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

For National Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris, PhD, APRN, ANP-C, joins Dean Newhouse to discuss her work on patients' decision to screen for lung cancer, the creation and testing of a conceptual model to understand patient perspectives with respect to screenings, analysis of the impact of disparities on the decision-making processes and the development of "LungTalk," a support tool that educates patients about lung cancer risks, symptoms and treatments.


Domestic Violence StatisticsEpisode #4: Understanding the Cycle of Violence and the Recovery Process for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

As we observe National Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout October, we are reminded of the types of violence that can occur between partners and what can be done to help stop the cycle. Dr. Claire Draucker , PhD, RN, APRN, FAAN, sits down with Dean Newhouse to:

  • help define terms;
  • analyze recent data collected of an Indianapolis-based study;
  • and share a number of resources for those experiencing physical or emotional violence by a partner.

Dr. Draucker also expands on her important work that focuses on the recovery of victims of childhood sexual abuse. We hope you will tune in to this important episode of Pulse Points.

Allison McCord with StudentsEpisode #3: Doctoral Research of Hispanic Adolescents for National Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, PhD Candidate Allison McCord talks about her work with Hispanic adolescents dealing with depression and her experience in the doctoral program.

Wendy Miller InterviewEpisode #2: Big Data Research Improving Patient-Centered Studies

Dr. Wendy Miller shares with Dean Newhouse the process of collecting large data sets in her work with self management of patients with epilepsy.

Dr. Ukamaka Oruche

Episode #1: IU School of Nursing Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

Dean Robin Newhouse and Dr. Ukamaka Oruche, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, discuss how IU School of Nursing is helping to address the mental health provider crisis in Indiana.