Faculty and Students Participate in CANS 2020 State of the Science Congress

This year's State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research was held virtually and the focus was The Environment’s Impact on Health. IU School of Nursing is proud to have had eleven faculty and students participate in the Congress this year. 


Prevalence and Associated Factors of Memory in Older Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors
-Adele Crouch and Diane Von Ah


Attention-Control Training as Part of an NIH-Funded, Multi-Site Trial
-Amy Newman, Joan Haase, Karen Moody, Michelle Mravec, Verna Hendricks-Ferguson

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HIV self-management in people living with HIV10:24
-Rachel Wion, Wendy Miller
Lived Experience of Bowel Self- and Family Management in People with Spina Bifida and Caregivers
-Michelle Mravec, Joan Haase, Celeste Phillips

Nurse Intervenors’ Experiences of Facilitators and Barriers in Implementing Computerized Cognitive Training
-Elham Algashgari, Miyeon Jung, Danielle Short, Susan Pressler
Developing a Theoretically Grounded, Digital, Parental Bereavement Care, Ecological Momentary Intervention Using the ORBIT Model
-Nancy Dias, Daniel Grossoehme, Sara Friebert, Joan Haase

Symptoms in colorectal cancer survivors (CRC) with type 2 diabetes during chemotherapy treatment
-Susan Storey, Zuoyi Zhang, Xiao Luo, Diane Von Ah, Kun Huang

State of Adoption, Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients Who Did Not Attend Screening Colonoscopy
-Susan Rawl, Mira Katz, Susan Perkins, Yan Tong, Netsanet Gebregziabher, Connie Krier, Thomas Imperiale, Peter Schwartz, Lisa Carter-Harris, Caeli Malloy, Hala Fatima, Electra Paskett, Victoria Champion

Associations Between Dysmenorrhea Symptom-Based Phenotypes and Vaginal Microbiome
-Chen Chen, Janet Carpenter, Evelyn Toh, Qunfeng Dong, Xiang Gao, David Nelson, J Dennis Fortenberry

STEPS to Enhance Physical Activity after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma
-Eileen Hacker, Rae Lee Richards, Mohammad Abu Zaid, Shu Yu Chung, Susan Perkins, Sherif Farag

Adolescent Use of an Online Instagram Support Community for Self-Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
-Caeli Malloy, Wendy Miller, Susan Rawl