IU School of Nursing Selects 2021 Daisy Award Winners

Daisy Award logoThe Daisy Awards recognize and thanks nurses for the gifts they give to their patients and families every day.  It was created to celebrate the life of Patrick Barnes by his wife, Tena, and his father, Mark. 
Congratulations to this year's winners.
  • Team Award: IU School of Nursing Fort Wayne

    In June 2017, the Indiana University Board of Trustees and the Purdue University Board of Trustees approved agreements to realign the Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne campus. This realignment created two separate universities: Indiana University Fort Wayne and Purdue University Fort Wayne. The university trustees determined that Indiana University Fort Wayne would manage the health science programs on the Fort Wayne campus.​ The changes in university alignment created the need for a team of faculty and leaders from the Fort Wayne campus, which was previously aligned with Purdue University School of Nursing, to engage in a year-long transition process with the Indiana University School of Nursing. In addition to learning the faculty governance, school policies and curriculum structures the Fort Wayne faculty had to continue to teach out the Purdue University curriculum to the students who had already begun that program.  This was a challenge that required flexibility, stamina, grace, inquiry, professionalism and ongoing communication. The Fort Wayne faculty and staff, led by Associate Dean Dr. Christopher Coleman, met the challenge and provided high quality instruction for students in two different nursing programs concurrently. Successfully achieving this transition is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to the commitment of the Fort Wayne faculty and staff. We are so proud to have leaders and colleagues who are willing to dig in and do the hard work it takes to promote change, improve outcomes and prepare the next generation of nurses.

  • Emily Davis

    Emily Davis

    Dr. Davis's passion for her field is obvious. In her lectures, the passion is contagious. She is very knowledgeable about her course content and always prioritizes student comprehension. With her, there genuinely are no stupid questions. She is always available for student questions in and out of class, quickly and thoroughly responding to emails. She feels safe to approach when needing clarification or presenting a concern. I have no doubt that she yearns to help her students succeed and is willing to do anything she can to ensure that success in and out of the classroom. She is compassionate and quick to be of any help with issues that may or may not pertain to class. She makes the content engaging in a way that encourages a student's mental presence during the lecture, something not always easy to maintain. I am hoping that after this semester, I have the privilege to have Dr. Davis as a professor once again throughout the nursing program.

     Professor Davis is by far one of my favorite professors. She brings so much enthusiasm to our learning environment. She challenges us in the classroom and is preparing her students to be exceptional nurses. Professor Davis has a huge heart and is clearly passionate about her students and clients.

  • Marian Gilhooly

    Marian Gilhooly

    Ms. Gilhooly is an excellent lecturer! She is one of the lecturers for the med-surg one class I am in. The primary characteristic that makes Marian stand out as a lecturer is her ability to work interactive learning into every lecture. Through case studies, pre-class quizzes and in-class activities, Marian always ensures that we have some familiarity with the information so that we can interact with it as she lectures. In this way, the power point lecture is already somewhat of a review process by the time we come to it. As a lecturer, Marian does not just read from the slide but explains the information with examples and questions. It is always a joy to attend class when Marian is lecturing!

    During clinical, Marian was very attentive to not only the students’ needs but also the patients’. She was able to effectively and sufficiently prioritize her work load in order to give optimal education to the students but also go above and beyond for the patients :)

  • Becky Salmon

    Becky Salmon

    Becky Salmon continues to enhance the impact and inspiration for future nurses as a tenured faculty, clinical instructor, role model for new faculty and clinical instructors, and, always, an advocate for patients. She is the leader for our IU SON as we transitioned from a Purdue program. She can bring her years of experience as a med surg nurse, educator, clinical instructor, mentor, and role model as we thrive in the IU system. Becky Salmon's brilliant mind, kind heart, and role as a servant leader would please the Barnes family and Florence, herself.

  • Jeanette Weymuth

    Jeanette WeymuthMy patient coded during clinical with Jeanette (I stared at the beginning of the rotation that I was not fond of codes and had previously had some brutal experiences with them). She was so supportive, helped me through my first time doing compressions on a patient, and really pushed me into the clinical setting. She pushed me out of my comfort zone but was there the entire time to support me however she could. I truly feel like because of this day I will be a better nurse and I cannot thank her enough for advocating for my clinical experiences.

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