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Financial Aid Resources

Additional Graduate Opportunities

There are a number of different options to help fund your graduate studies with the IU School of Nursing. Explore these campus, federal, and private resources to learn more. Postdoctoral study opportunities are also available.

  • Campus Resources

    Office of Student Financial Services

    The IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services assists students in applying for federal financial aid resources, including Federal Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS Loans. The office also offers useful tools to help students estimate their costs, manage their finances, and prepare for loan repayment. Contact for additional information about federal aid options available to graduate nursing students.

    Student Central

    You can find information about applying for IUPUI scholarships on Student Central. This site contains comprehensive information on how to apply for campus-wide and school-based scholarships, as well as provides information on how to search for scholarship information elsewhere on the web.

    IUPUI Graduate Office

    The IUPUI Graduate Office assists with the application and admission processes for students in graduate programs. The office also provides information about funding opportunities for students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. Visit the Graduate Office website for additional information about available financial support.

    Office of International Affairs

    Most federal financial aid options are not available for international students. However, there are some options that can be explored that could help cover costs. The IUPUI Office of International Affairs offers information about funding opportunities available to international students. Contact this office for additional details.

  • Federal and Private Resources

    Nurse Faculty Loan Program

    Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) provides funds to assist registered nurses complete a graduate education to become qualified nurse faculty. NFLP loans can cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books. The loan features a low interest rate and deferred payments. Students who complete their program and teach full-time for four years after graduation can have up to 85% of their loan forgiven.

    Johnson & Johnson's

    Johnson & Johnson provides a database of nursing‐specific scholarships available to all levels of graduate studies. Results are filterable by program and focus area. Visit for more information.

    NLN Foundation for Nursing Education

    As the leader in advancing the science of nursing education—furthering the scholarship of teaching and promoting evidence-based nursing education—the NLN provides funding to graduate nursing students. You can find information about available grants, scholarships, and research awards on the NLN website.

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing Student Scholarships

    The American Association of Colleges of Nursing website lists nursing scholarship programs offered by the organization. Visit this page for more information.

    American Nurses Association Ethnic Minority Fellowship Program

    The Minority Fellowship Program at the American Nurses Association grew as a response to the lack of mental health and substance abuse nurse professionals who could provide culturally competent care to an increasingly diverse population with ever-expanding needs for mental health and substance abuse disorders services, research, advocacy, and policy development. Visit this page to review eligibility requirements and access an application. provides a database of scholarship information for nursing students from minority or underrepresented backgrounds. Awards have various criteria for recipients, which may include financial need, academic achievement, and involvement in community activities. Visit this page for more information.

    Alternative Scholarship Search Engines

    Free scholarship search engines such as FastWeb,,, and the U.S. Department of Labor also offer information about alternative scholarship options. When searching for private scholarships, remember that scholarship searches and information are free to anyone. Do not pay for any searches for financial aid awards.

    Research Fellowships in Behavioral Nursing Research

    Pre- and postdoctoral fellowships are available to prepare future nurse scientists to conduct health behavior research. Fellows work closely with our internationally recognized faculty, gaining hands-on experience in research, scholarship, or teaching while securing funding to earn their degree. Visit the Training in Behavioral Nursing Research (T32) Fellowship and Interdisciplinary Training in Behavioral Oncology (NCI T32) Fellowship pages for more information.

  • Fellowships for Postdoctoral Study

    Training in Behavioral Nursing Research (T32) Fellowship

    The T32 Fellowship program provides postdoctoral students with the opportunity to gain experience in the area of health behavior research. The two-year program prepares you to be an independent researcher. Selection criteria include quality of applicant’s academic record, past research, publications, commitment to independent research, and match with research interests of faculty. Visit the T32 webpage for more information about the application process.

    Training in Research for Behavioral Oncology and Cancer Control Program (T32)

    The NCI T32 Fellowship program trains the next generation of behavioral oncology scientists to conduct interdisciplinary cancer prevention and control research. The program will be flexible enough to address the educational needs of individuals from different academic home disciplines but formalized enough to ensure that participants achieve high levels of content knowledge and acquire intensive research experience by the time you complete your studies. Postdoctoral fellows can receive up to two years of support. Visit the NCI T32 webpage for more information.

  • IUSON Scholarships

    The IUSON scholarship application information is now closed for the 2018-2019 academic year.