Teaching in Nursing Certificate


15 credit hours

Required Courses

T615 Curriculum in Nursing (3 cr)
This course is designed for persons who are or will be engaged in teaching within nursing education settings. The primary focus is the process of curriculum development; philosophical, social, political, economic, and professional issues that need to be considered in planning curricula, evaluating existing curricula, and changing curricula are examined.

T617 Evaluation in Nursing (3 cr)
This course integrates concepts of assessment and evaluation into a nursing education framework. Students analyze assessment/evaluation concepts, models, and frameworks for applicability for students, faculty, curricula, and programs.

T619 Computer Technologies For Nurse Educators (3 cr)
This course provides nurse educators an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for using computer technologies to support the teaching/learning process. Emphasis is given to theoretical frameworks that guide the selection, use, and integration of computer technologies in nursing education programs.

T670 Teaching in Nursing (3 cr)
This course utilizes guided experiences in teaching of nursing, including planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating classroom and clinical instruction.

T679 Nursing Education Practicum (3 cr)
This practicum experience is designed for application, demonstration, and synthesis of theory and competencies related to the role of nurse educator. Learning experiences are planned and negotiated to meet individual learning goals in the context of preceptor-supervised experiences.

Maximum time for program completion is four years with no significant breaks (i.e., more than two semesters) between courses. There is no limit to the number of graduate courses that can be taken prior to admission to the certificate program provided that all course work is completed within a four-year period.