Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing


When you apply to the MSN program through the RN to MSN option, you will select the specific MSN track you wish to pursue and your application will be reviewed.  If you are admitted, you must complete all required undergraduate prerequisites before taking RN to MSN transition courses.  All prerequisite and transition courses must be completed prior to beginning the MSN course work for your track.

The following undergraduate requirements must be met with a grade of B– or better as prerequisites: 

  • Critical/Analytical/Science Cluster: 23 credit hours (subjects might include astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and mathematics and must include 14 credits of biophysical sciences and 3 credits of statistics (300 to 400 level)
  • Communication cluster: 6 credit hours (subjects might include English, communications, and foreign languages)
  • Cultural Diversity Cluster: 6 credit hours (subjects include anthropology, history, religion, and women's studies)
  • Social Competence Cluster: 9 credits (subjects include psychology, sociology, economics, and polical science)
  • Humanistic Appreciation Cluster: 3 credit hours (subjects might include ethics, music, and/or art)
  • Completion of at least 9 credit hours at the upper division level. Credit earned in meeting requirements specified above may apply toward this requirement.
  • Two RN to MSN transition courses:
    • NURS H365 Research: this class may be taken before admission to the major and as one of the upper division requirements. A 300 level statistics course is a prerequisite to this class with a B– or above grade. (3 credit hours)
    • B490 RN to MSN Transition II: community health, leadership and management, and trends in health care (4 credit hours—this course cannot be taken until you have applied and been admitted to the Master's in Nursing major.)
Options for meeting program requirements

RN to MSN students have several options for meeting the program requirements:

  • Transfer academic credits from a previously attended college or university
  • CLEP or other equivalency exams approved by Indiana University
  • Other options approved by academic units or schools within the Indiana University system
  • Course enrollment at Indiana University
  • Portfolio review procedures as approved by the School of Nursing and other academic units within Indiana University

Review the different tracks in the MSN program to see what interests you.

Review the course descriptions.