Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Teaching in Nursing Certificate
  • 17 Credit Hours/ 225 Clinical Hours
  • Coursework can be completed in as few as 12 months.
  • All courses offered online, with optional opportunities to come to campus for supplemental learning experiences.
Required Courses

T601 Advanced Nursing Education (4 cr/75 clinical hours - direct patient care) 
This course utilizes guided experiences in teaching of nursing, including planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating classroom and clinical instruction with a mentor. Emphasis on learner development and socialization, learner diversity, and multicultural/global education guide the learning. The roles of nurse educator as leader, change agent and scholar are explored.

T604 Curriculum in Nursing (3 cr)
The focus of this course is on the process of curriculum and program development, implementation, revision and evaluation. Philosophical, social, economic, and professional issues that are relevant to nursing education curriculum are explored.

T618 Evaluation in Nursing (3 cr)
This course focuses on the theoretical and empirical basis for assessment and evaluation in nursing education. Emphasis is placed on concepts, models, frameworks and strategies for applicability to nursing teaching and learning environments including classroom, on-line, laboratory/simulation, and clinical settings.

T620 Computer Technologies For Nurse Educators (3 cr)
This course focuses on knowledge and skills for technologies to support teaching-learning in nursing. Emphasis is placed on principles of distance learning, use of the internet, and integrating computer and other technologies into nursing education. Theoretical frameworks for guiding selection, use and integration of technologies in nursing education are discussed.

T680 Nursing Education Practicum (4 cr/ 150 teaching practicum hours)
The student functions in an educator role in a clinical or academic setting by designing, implementing and evaluating lesson plans, modules, or courses. Through portfolio, students reflect on improving their role as a nurse educator. Learning experiences are negotiated to meet learning goals in a preceptor-supervised practicum of 150 hours.