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An Innovative Executive Leadership Curriculum Designed to Advance your Career

Our informative curriculum explorer will help you visualize how the DNP coursework is built to advance knowledge, skills, and abilities as you progress through the DNP program. Cohorts start each fall, and full and part time plans of study are available.

Note: 1000 total clinical hours are required for the DNP degree; 525 total clinical hours are built into the DNP curriculum.  Students may transfer up to 475 clinical hours from their MS in Nursing or MSN degrees into the DNP.  Additional clinical course credits will be required for students earning less than 475 clinical hours in the Master’s degree in order to meet the 1000 total hours required for the DNP degree.  Applicants will supply as part of the application process the MSN Clinical Hours Verification Form completed by the institution granting the Masters degree, which verifies the total number of clinical hours completed in MS in Nursing or MSN program. 

Visit the IUPUI Campus Bulletin to see a complete list of courses.

The DNP Curriculum outlined below is the full time Plan of Study for those students enrolled in 2018 and beyond.   Full time students achieve the DNP in five semesters.  A part time plan of study is available as well, and is accomplished in three years.  Students admitted to cohorts prior to 2018 should consult the personalized Plan of Study provided to them by the DNP Program.

TermCredit Hours
Fall 1
D 710Analytical Thinking for Evidence Based Practice
L650Data Analysis for Administrative & Clinical Decision Making
D721Advanced Leadership in Complex Systems
D709Executive Leadership Practicum
Total Credit Hours10
Spring 1
D735Population Health Surveillance & Management
D743Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Influencing Public Health Policy
D615Performance Improvement & Patient Safety in Health Systems
Total Credit Hours9
Summer 1
D722Theoretical Basis of Project Implementation and Evaluation
D750DNP Project Planning
Total Credit Hours4-5
Fall 2
D744Strategic Resource Leadership in Nursing & Health Systems
D760DNP Project Implementation
Total Credit Hours8 - 10
Spring 2
D770DNP Project Evaluation & Dissemination
3 - 4
D748Leading Patient-Centered Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Environments
Total Credit Hours6 - 7
Total Credit Hours37 required