Doctor of Nursing Practice

Program Overview
Student Experience

A Life-changing Experience Awaits You

Enrolling in IUSON's DNP Program is so much more than just taking classes. It's an immersive, integrative experience that propels your growth as a leader, both in and out of the classroom.

DNP Intensives

You've just made a life-changing decision, one that affects you, your family, and your colleagues. So as you start the program, you will participate in a multi-day Intensive designed to introduce you to doctoral study and to help you chart your way.  Meet your peers, learn about student support resources available, assess your own scholarly writing skills, informatics competencies, and learning styles, interact with the faculty, revisit techniques and tools for systematically searching literature, refresh methods and analytical approaches relevant to project evaluation, and set your sights on your end goal. Most importantly, come away from this experience with the foundation set for your DNP on which you will develop as a doctoral student. 

Students will participate in an additional in-person course-related Intensive focused on policy and advocacy.

Leadership Development

Whether you pursue the Executive Leadership or Advanced Clinical track, you learn more about your leadership strengths throughout the curriculum. To help you develop your leadership presence and plans, you will experience leadership assessments, professional networking events, and formalized mentoring relationships.

Immersive Experiences

As cornerstones of the curriculum, practicum and DNP Project courses immerse students in settings to apply theory, knowledge, and skills you're learning to real-world problems. Through the DNP Project, you will focus on making changes that impact healthcare outcomes with a systems or population focus.  You will plan, implement, and evaluate processes and outcomes to guide practice and/or policy.  The DNP Project and coursework provides a foundation for you as a future practice scholar. 

Student Services

Doctoral study demands commitment and focus that can be challenging both personally and professionally.  You can excel with your personal support system, input from your peers, and the student services we provide. The DNP program staff will:

  • Send you orientation materials ahead of program start
  • Answer and/or point you in the right direction to assist with your questions
  • Act as a first point-of-contact between you and your faculty during times when personal or family issues may need your attention
  • Provide student services support as you make your way through the program