Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science

BSN-PhD Curriculum

90 credit hours

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing Science degree is a 90-credit, post-baccalaureate program. Students who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree do not have to earn the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree to apply for admission.

The PhD curriculum consists of 90 credit hours, which includes 30 credit hours of BSN to PhD bridge coursework.

  • BSN-PhD bridge coursework (30 cr)
  • Professional development core (6 cr)
  • Nursing theory core (6 cr)
  • Nursing science research major (15 cr)
  • Nursing science concentration (8 cr)
  • Minor, external or internal (9–12 cr)
  • Dissertation (16 cr)

NOTE: Any prior complete graduate-level courses transferred into the BSN–PhD program of study are determined by the student's program planning advisory committee and may total up to 30 credits.

BSN-PhD Bridge Coursework (30 credits)
  • N502 Nursing Theory I (3 cr)
  • R505 Measurement and Data Analysis or equivalent (3 cr)
  • R500 Nursing Research Methods I (3 cr)
  • D721 Advanced Leadership in Complex Systems (instead of N504) (3 cr)
  • Additional graduate coursework (18 cr)
Professional Development Core (6 credits)
  • D701 Nursing Inquiry and Scholarship (3 cr)
  • D602 Responsible Conduct of Research (or equivalent) (1 cr)
  • T800 Preparing Future Faculty (2 cr)
Nursing Theory Core (6 credits)
  • D607 Theoretical Perspectives of Nursing Science (3 cr)
  • D608 Middle–Range Theory (3 cr)
Nursing Science Research Major (15 credits); the following 9 credits are required:
  • R603 Foundations of Quantitative Research (3 cr)
  • PBHL B-562 Biostatistics for Public Health (3 cr)
  • R610 Foundations of Qualitative Research (3 cr)
Select two methods courses from the following
  • R601 Instrumentation and Measurement (3 cr)
  • R605 Design and Applications of Advanced Research (3 cr)
  • PBHL B-583 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3 cr)
  • R611 Advanced Qualitative Inquiry and Research Methods (3 cr)
  • R613 Grounded Theory (3 cr)
  • R615 Comparative Effectiveness Research and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (CER/PCOR) (3 cr)
  • W540 Writing for Publication (3 cr)
Nursing Science Concentration (8 credits)
  • D609 State of the Science Seminar (2 cr)
  • D751 Advanced Topics in Nursing Science (various topics offered) (3 cr)
  • D752 Directed Research Practicum (3 cr)
Internal or External Minor (9–12 credits)

Cognate or supporting course work from inside or outside nursing. May include a minor in an alternate focus area, other approved minors, or individualized plans.

Dissertation (16 credits)

R899 Dissertation in Nursing (16 cr)

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