Indiana University School of Nursing academic programs are designed to prepare students to obtain necessary regulatory authority to practice in an advanced nursing role in Indiana. If you would like to learn more about recognition to practice as an advanced practice nurse in the State of Indiana, please visit: If you plan to pursue authority to practice in an advanced nursing role in a state other than Indiana, please review each state’s educational requirements for licensure or other regulatory mechanism.  Specific information regarding each state’s licensure requirements can be found on the NCSBN website at  If you have questions regarding licensure and or certification, please contact the IUSON Center for Academic Affairs at 317-274-2806.

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    How to Apply

    Ready to apply to one of IU School of Nursing's graduate programs? Review the steps you need to take and submit an application.

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    Our Programs

    Earn your Master of Nursing Science (MSN) in one of several tracks of study. Or, if you are ready for doctoral studies, learn more about our PhD (it's the oldest one in Indiana) and our exciting and newly enhanced Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs. We also offer two graduate certificates and post-master’s options.

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    Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

    Get connected to current tuition figures and explore funding for your graduate studies.

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    Nursing Careers

    Discover what you can do with a graduate degree in nursing.