Julie Elam Otte, PhD, RN, OCN

Julie Elam Otte, PhD, RN, OCN

Science of Nursing Care
Assistant Dean of Evaluation, Associate Professor
Interim PhD Program Coordinator

Contact Information

Email: jlelam@iu.edu
Phone: 317-274-0886
Nursing W401, Indianapolis


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University
PhD, Indiana University
MSN, Vanderbilt University
BSN, Purdue University


Dr. Otte's independent program of biobehavioral research addresses symptom management in cancer and non-cancer populations. Specifically, she focuses on improving sleep problems in breast cancer survivors (BCS) and menopausal women. Her research program involves a unique combination of multidisciplinary clinicians, basic scientists, and biobehavioral researchers, and it builds on her F31 supported doctoral and R25 supported postdoctoral research in an effort to improve quality of life and reduce the burden of poor sleep. Dr. Otte has completed a series of important studies that builds towards the development and testing of new assessments and treatment plans to better manage sleep problems in cancer and non-cancer populations. She has led projects with interdisciplinary teams that include collaborations with nursing, psychology, psychiatry, biostatistics, medical and radiation oncology, clinical pharmacology, and sleep medicine national academic institutions. The four main points of this biobehavioral research are: (1) improved understanding of underlying etiology and prevalence of sleep problems in BCS, (2) improved knowledge of available measures of sleep, (3) improved understanding of interventions for sleep in BCS and menopausal women, and (4) development of a clinically relevant assessment tool and treatment plan for poor sleep.  

Dr. Otte's work has been funded as principal investigator via institutional grants totaling $196,710 (IUSON Center for Enhancing Quality of life in Chronic Illness, Indiana University School of Nursing Behavioral Research Fund, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, Simon Cancer Center). Dr. Otte is currently a site multi-principal investigator (MPI) on a R34 subcontract with Baylor University (R34AT008246-01) and has just finished as a co-investigator on an NIA-funded U01 (U01AG032659-01). Dr. Otte has also received a total of $83,861 from the Federal Loan Repayment Program in recognition of my program of research.

External Funding

1R34AT008246-01  (2014-2017)  Hypnosis to improve sleep in menopause: Determination of optimal dose and method (subcontract Site PI).

5U01 AG032659-05  (2008-2013) Ms-FLASH: Paced Respiration for Breast Cancer Survivors (Co-I).

PHS (NCCR) KL2RR025760  (2010-2012)  Clinical Translation Science Initiative (CTSI) Young Investigator Award in Translational Research, Indiana University (Faculty Scholar).

Selected Publications

Otte, J. L., Wu, J., Yu, M., Shaw, C., Carpenter, J. S. (in press). Evaluating the sleep hygiene awareness and practice scale in midlife women with and without breast cancer. Journal of Nursing Measurement. (Accepted 4/2/2015).

Otte, J. L., Rand, K. L. Landis, C. A., Paudel, M., Newton, K. M., Woods, N. F., Carpenter, J. S. (in press). Confirmatory factor analysis of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in women with hot flashes. Menopause. (Accepted 2/12/2015).

Otte, J. L., Carpenter, J. S., Rand, K.L., Manchanda, S., Skaar, T. C., Weaver, M. T., Chernyak, Y, Zhong, X., Igega, C. M., Landis, C. (2014). Systematic review of sleep in adult cancer patients and survivors: Can the prevalence of sleep disorders be ascertained? Cancer Medicine, 4(2); 183-200. DOI: 10.1002/cam4.356

Oncology Nursing Society PEP Handbook. (2014). Chapter on Sleep wake Disturbances. Berger, A., Desaulniers, G., Matthews, E., Otte, J. L., Page, M., Irwin, M.  Role: Contributed to the literature review, writing, and editing of the chapter.

Ensrud, K. E., Guthrie, K. A., Hohensee, C., Joffe, H., LaCroix, A. Z., Landis, C. A., Woods, N. F., Sternfeld, B., Freeman, E. W., Reed, S. D., Caan, B., Carpenter, J. S., Otte, J., Newton, K. M. (2015). Effects of estradiol and venlafaxine on insomnia symptoms and sleep quality in women with hot flashes. Sleep, 38(1):97–108.  doi:10.5665/sleep.4332

Carpenter, J. S., Igega, C. M., Otte, J. L., Burns, D. S., Yu, M., & Wu, J. (2014). Somatosensory amplification and menopausal symptoms in breast cancer survivors and midlife women. Maturitas, 78(1), 51-55. doi:10.1016/j.maturitas.2014.02.006

Otte, J. L., Skaar, T. C., Wu, J., Yu, M., Ryker, K., Burns, D. S., Carpenter, J. S. (2013). Medication use in breast cancer survivors compared to midlife women. Supportive Care in Cancer, 21(7), 1827-33. doi:10.1007/s00520-013-1727-5

Fisher, W. I., Johnson, A. K., Elkins, G., Otte, J. L., Burns, D. S., & Carpenter, Janet S. (2013). Risk factors, pathophysiology, and treatment of hot flashes in cancer. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 63(3), 167-92. doi:10.3322/caac.21171 Invited.