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Qualified Medication Aide Program Director Training


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  • April 20, 2022: QMA Program Director Training*
  • August 2, 2022: QMA Program Director Training*
  • *Exemption available for those who completed nurse aide instructor training through the IU School of Nursing since 2013. See "Fees" below for more information. 

During the Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) Program Director Education course, you will review program operational standards to be used in the development and presentation of an educational program for QMAs. You will learn adult learning concepts, teaching strategies, and assessment of learning as applied to the standards.

Be sure to check the eligibility information below!

Registration for the program is limited. Advance registration is required. A minimum of 10 participants is required for the course to be held.  This course includes one day in person session via Zoom, as well as an online activity that is due approximately 10 days after the in person workshop. 

The goals of the training are to:

  • Use knowledge of the operational standards to develop, present, and evaluate a QMA education program
  • Apply adult learning principles
  • Identify tools and techniques to be used to assess learning


All Registrants:  Please note that your registration confirmation email contains important instructions regarding setting up your guest account for access to the Canvas learning management system. Please complete this process as soon as possible to avoid delay in accessing the course.  Registrants will receive handouts and workshop details several days prior to the workshop date, and will be added to the Canvas course site the day prior to the workshop. 


  • When

    Required online assignment is completed within 2 weeks of the workshop for those not exempt due to previous completion of the nurse aide instructor course at the Indiana University School of Nursing since 2013.

     April 20, 2022:  QMA Program Director Training* : 9:30am- 12:30pm on Zoom, plus required online activity in Canvas

    August 2, 2022: QMA Program Director Training*

    * see fees for online activity exemption criteria

  • Eligibility
    • Registered nurse (RN) currently licensed and practicing in the state of Indiana
    • Have a minimum of two years of licensed nurse experience including at least one year in the provision of long-term care facility services
    • Documented proof of completion of an ISDH-approved training course (the QMA Program Director Training meets this requirement)
    • Letter of approval from the ISDH prior to beginning the QMA program (after attending the QMA Program Director Training, you'll apply to ISDH and receive the letter of approval)
    • If you have questions about the qualifications required to develop and teach the QMA education program or for a complete list of minimum qualifications, contact the ISDH at 317-233-7445.  More information about QMA programs can be found at
  • Where

    The in person session will be held online via Zoom. Prior to registering, please be sure that you are able to access and hear audio via Zoom by following the instructions at the test meeting site:

    Required online assignment will be completed in Canvas, IU's learning management system, following the in person Zoom session. Registrants will receive further information about Canvas access. 

    Other notes about Zoom session:

    • You must log in and be present for the entire session to receive credit for attending.
    • We cannot provide any technical assistance to individuals having connection, audio, or other problems during this workshop.
    • All participants' video & audio will be muted, but Q&A will be available via a typed question submission process.
    • If there are problems immediately prior to or during the session, we will communicate with you using the email that is on record for registration, so please be sure you use an email that you can access at that time if needed 
  • Fees


    $299- full course fee for  QMA Program Director Training*

    *199- fee for those who are pre-approved as exempt from the online requirement for this course. Exemption is based upon taking the nurse aide instructor course with online adult learning modules through the IU School of Nursing since 2013. Those seeking exemption and discounted rate must email with their name and the month & year they completed the nurse aide instructor course at the IU School of Nursing to receive instructions about receiving the discount.  Approved exemptions will not need to complete the online activity in Canvas for either the April or August sessions.  Refunds will not be provided if the request is not submitted prior to registration. 

    Payment in full by credit card is due at the time of registration must be received before placement in the class can be guaranteed. 

    For information on cancellation, refund, and transfer policies, please see the registration and policies page.

  • Agenda

    Agenda - Part 1: Zoom- synchronous session



    Content Faculty Teaching Method
    9:00 a.m. Sign on to Zoom
    9:30 a.m. Welcome and Orientation to Materials & Canvas IU School of Nursing Lecture, Demonstration & Discussion
    Operational Standards Using State and Federal Regulations

    Arron Caquelin, RN, RAI Coordinator/ NAT & QMAT Program Surveyor Division of Program & Development


    Lecture & Discussion
    Operational Standards: Testing

    Karen Bourne, Workforce Certification Coordinator

    Ivy Tech

    Lecture & Discussion

    End Time


    12 noon to 12:30 p.m.

    Wrap up and questions

    ISDH &

    Ivy Tech

    Agenda - Part 2: Online Adult Learning Concepts Course

    Complete by designated due date

    Objectives Content Faculty Teaching Method

    Specify the tools and techniques to assess the learning progress of the nurse aide trainee.

    Strategies for Evaluation of Learning IU School of Nursing

    Lecture, reading, activity

    1. Recognize how the environment within the facility impacts teaching.
    2. Be aware of values and cultural differences which may impact learning.
    Teaching the Adult Learner/ Environment Characteristics IU School of Nursing Lecture, reading, activity

    Be sensitive to the factors influencing the motivation and learning of the basic nurse aide trainee.

    The Adult as an Individual: Communication IU School of Nursing Lecture, reading, activity
    Apply adult learning concepts in teaching the nurse aide course. The Learner IU School of Nursing Lecture, reading, activity
    Be sensitive to the factors influencing the motivation and learning of basic nurse aide trainee. Behavioral Objectives IU School of Nursing Lecture, reading, activity


  • Faculty

    Faculty are from the Indiana State Department of Health, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Indiana University School of Nursing.

    Agenda, speakers, and topics subject to change without notice.

  • Contact Hours

    Contact hours: To be determined based upon workshop length.

    Attendance at the entire session and successful completion of the online course is required and completion of the program evaluation to receive contact hours.

  • Registration Information

     ***PRIOR TO REGISTERING: Please review the exemption option for individuals who have completed the nurse aide instructor training at the IU School of Nursing since 2013, found in the "Fees" section. 

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