Faculty Resources

When you become faculty in the IU School of Nursing, you are an instructor as well as a scholar, researcher, and clinician—sometimes simultaneously; sometimes with extra roles added in. We have resources to support you in any or all of those roles.


A multi-faceted team supports faculty and courses offered by the School of Nursing's two academic departments. In addition to general clerical and administrative support, the team provides:

  • Travel support
  • Semester-to-semester online course preparation
  • Course support
  • Textbook orders
  • Report completion


The Resource Center for Innovation in Clinical Nursing Education (the learning lab) staff assist faculty who are teaching clinical skills. Through the flex space (for fundamental and assessment skills), fully-equipped examination rooms, and the simulation area, faculty guide students in "moving to the next level" of clinical professionalism. Resources include:

  • Lab and simulation set-up
  • Scenario creation
  • Low- and high-fidelity manikin maintenance
  • Multimedia and print publications
  • Support and education for simulation


At the university level, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports faculty using a collaborative model to advance teaching excellence. They offer a wide variety of educational offerings in multiple formats making it easy to find the learning style that works best for you and your schedule. The CTL encourages innovation and enables faculty to excel in the implementation of innovative teaching and learning strategies by providing consultations, equipment loans, classroom observations, and focus group facilitation.

Within the school, the instructional designer works with faculty who are designing new courses or re-tooling existing ones to implement active learning techniques, evaluation methodologies, and new curricula. Existing online courses are supported by the online course coordinator who is an expert in the learning management system used at Indiana University, Canvas, and works as the second level of support in the three-tiered support model implemented within the school. He is also a liaison with University Information Technology Services (UITS) for more advanced issues.


The IUSON Office of Research Support (ORS) provides support for both faculty and student researchers. In preparing grant applications, you will work collaboratively with the ORS staff to move projects through grant development, mock reviews, and the submission process. The Office also provides support for researchers through faculty research groups, think tanks, and individual faculty consultations. After external funding has been awarded, the Office links investigators with school, campus, and university resources such as the Office of Research Administration, financial services, human resources, and other units to support project implementation. Other services provided by ORS include statistical consultation, data management, and editing.


IU School of Nursing and IUPUI are technology-rich environments. The technology infrastructure supporting our campus is both broad and deep. We have high-speed campus networks with wireless access. IUWare, a software distribution service, offers a wide variety of software applications including site-licensed products from Adobe and Microsoft, to faculty, staff, and students at no charge, while IUanyWare offers cloud-based access to a variety of software applications.

The school's in-house technology team supports workstations and laptops for faculty and staff use, and liaisons as needed with university technology services who maintain the classrooms and computer lab. Our team:

  • Works with researchers to determine the best technology to fit the needs of the project
  • Develops custom database and web applications for administrative units, where practical
  • Consults with faculty and staff regarding technology best practices
  • Provides life cycle hardware for all faculty and staff
  • Provides responsive desktop support services
  • Beta tests software releases and new technologies
  • Maintains compliance with university policies
  • Develops and enforces internal policies as needed to protect technology resources of the school