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Postdoctoral Fellowship: Advanced Training In Self-Management Interventions For Serious Chronic Conditions
(T32 NR018407) 

Indiana University School of Nursing offers postdoctoral fellowships for PhD-prepared nurses who wish to obtain additional research training to advance their career as a nurse scientist in areas related to self-management interventions for serious chronic conditions. This training program is funded through an institutional research training grant (T32) from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR). Through this training, fellows will be prepared to : 1) develop and apply conceptual and theoretical frameworks to guide research on, and development of, self-management interventions to prevent and manage serious chronic conditions; 2) conduct research using innovative designs, rigorous methods, and sophisticated analytics to advance the science of self-management; 3) become leaders of interdisciplinary science teams and advocates of research and health policy to improve self-management and reduce the burden of serious chronic conditions.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Griffin
Program Manager
Indiana University School of Nursing
600 Barnhill Drive, NU 340D
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Fax 317-278-2021