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Innovative and cutting-edge research transforms health care. IU School of Nursing has many research opportunities including those listed below. Access the "Give Now" button to give to any of the following areas or contact our office of development for more ways to give.

Center for Nursing Research Fund 

Gifts will provide general support of the Office of Research Support. Expenditures may include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff, postdoctoral trainee, and student recruiting, development, travel, and other expenses that may best serve the Center.  

Behavioral Oncology Research Fund

Your funding supports behavioral oncology research efforts that demonstrate innovation, scientific merit, and feasibility in behavioral oncology.

CEQL (Center for Enhancing Quality of Life in Chronic Illnesses) Research Fund 

The CEQL Research Fund was established for the purpose of supporting nursing research under the auspices of the Center for Enhancing Quality of Life in Chronic Illness.  Through CEQL, nurse scientists produce the research that translates into quality care for chronically ill patients. 

Center for Research in Nursing Education Fund

Gifts to the fund are used for support of the Center for Research in Nursing Education, whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for citizens of central Indiana, the state, the nation, and beyond by developing, testing, and disseminating new test practices for nursing education and teacher preparation.

Your gift will support research in areas such as:

  • Cancer Care

    From diagnosis to treatment to recovery and survivorship, nurses help cancer patients manage their symptoms and provide the best care for patients and their families. There is much to learn about the long road that patients with chronic illness, such as cancer, must walk.

    The Indiana University Champion Center for Cancer Control Research supports research that decreases the burden of cancer for patients and families. The Champion Center's vision focuses on becoming the national leading center for cancer research.

    Widely recognized for its expertise in cancer research, the IU School of Nursing has a well-established infrastructure and track record of success. Nationally, IU has the largest cohort of cancer researchers at a school of nursing.

  • Quality of Life in Chronic Illness

    Effective management of pain and the symptoms of chronic illness can greatly improve a person's ability to deal with a health condition across her or his lifespan. There is a critical need to study the interventions that are designed to improve the quality of life for these patients and their caregivers.

    Through the Center for Enhancing Quality of Life in Chronic Illness (CEQL), nurse scientists produce the research that translates into quality care for chronically ill patients. Pilot research studies, a major component of the center, enable eligible investigators to explore problems relating to the quality of life in persons with chronic illness and to gather sufficient data to pursue other external funding. Funding of this type is crucial to continuing work in this area.

  • Nursing Education

    IU School of Nursing has long been a leader in nursing education and nursing research. It is the only school in the country with a research center specifically designated to examining the effectiveness of various strategies for educating nurses and nursing students. The Faculty Innovating for Nursing Education brings these two strengths together to lead local and national initiatives to develop the science of nursing education so that faculty can better respond to multiple calls for reform in nursing education with evidence-based teaching practices.

    IU School of Nursing is the largest multi-program (BSN–MSN–DNP–PhD) nursing school in the country and has been designated and re-designated by the National League of Nursing as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education in two categories: Promoting the Pedagogical Expertise of Faculty (2017–20227; second consecutive designation) and Advancing the Science of Nursing Education (2016–20121; second consecutive designation).

    Across the health care system, we all depend on skilled nurses to coordinate and deliver safe and compassionate care. With the endless demand for nurses in health care and the increased use of technology in both education and the practice of nursing, the strategies used to educate nurses are becoming increasingly complex.

    IUSON uses simulation labs to test and track student skills and abilities, offers online courses for graduate and doctoral programs, provides face-to-face and online continuing education, and partners with top health systems across the state for professional clinical experiences for students. IUSON is committed to researching the best practices for educating nurses to prepare them for tomorrow's heath care demands.

  • Research in Palliative and End-of-life Communication and Training

    Families everywhere struggle with the care decisions that must be made when loved ones who are chronically ill reach the final stages of their lives. It's a difficult and emotional time. Nurse scientists at the IU School of Nursing are researching the best methods to help these patients and the families who love them.

    The RESPECT (Research in Palliative and End-of-Life Communication and Training) Center has built a collaborative, interdisciplinary scientific community of researchers and clinicians to support the advancement of research in communication in populations with illnesses that are life-threatening, debilitating, or terminal.

    Designated in 2010 as an IUPUI Signature Research Center, the IUSON RESPECT Center brings together leading researchers from across the IUPUI campus to provide expertise in key areas such as ethics, communication, nursing, medicine, psychology, and public health.