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Nursing and health issues transcend political and geographical boundaries. The more we know about what happens in other parts of the world, the better we can apply that knowledge to challenges closer to home and vice versa. IU School of Nursing students and faculty have worked closely with partners in Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Kenya, Liberia, and Taiwan as well as immigrant and migrant populations in Indiana. Your support of international learning experiences at IUSON will continue to fuel the commitment that advances global research, education, and service in health care around the world.

Global Learning Experiences Program Fund

Gifts to the fund support the overall needs of the program as well as expenditures such as lodging and travel expenses of participating students, faculty, staff, and other associated collaborators and participants, faculty development, research, departmental awards, program promotion, and supplies. Access the "Give Now" button to support international learning experiences at IUSON.

Your generosity to the International Learning Experiences Program Fund empowers the following areas:

  • Study Abroad Experiences

    IUSON students have the option to work and study in a partner institution in a foreign country. The students give of themselves, work on interdisciplinary teams, and deliver health care to populations with great needs. The students take away lifelong lessons and a greater sensitivity to cultural differences in those people for whom they care.

  • International Student Scholarships

    Studying abroad is not for every student, but what is important for every student is gaining an international perspective. When students come to IUSON from other countries they bring their culture and their experiences with them. These views enrich the classroom and the learning experience of all our students.

    When they graduate, international students return home with a quality education that enables them to improve health care in their countries. Many international students are not eligible for traditional financial aid, yet their cost of education is often much higher. IUSON is committed to encouraging and supporting international students by providing scholarship support specific to their needs.

  • Faculty Teaching Abroad Experience

    Many of our international partners rely on the support of IUSON faculty in areas of nursing where they have little experience or capacity. IUSON faculty members teach for weeks at a time to help develop the curriculum within or provide expertise to a partner institution. While abroad, faculty members also learn from the culture and practices of our partners and bring an international perspective with them back to our classrooms. Building partnerships in this way allows IUSON to be a leader and an expert on global health issues.

  • Local Service Learning Experiences

    While some students learn in other countries, others gain a global perspective while studying at home. IUSON creates opportunities for students to engage with immigrant and migrant populations living in central Indiana. This experience enhances the students' foreign language skills while enlarging their international perspectives. Fostering these partnerships at home continues to enrich the students' experiences at IUSON.

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