I'm An IU Nurse

There are more than 30,000 IU School of Nursing alumni across the globe—approximately 21,000 of them are from the IUPUI and IU Bloomington campuses. All that the IU School of Nursing represents is embodied in our alumni and the work that they do each and every day.

We are building a library of as many alumni stories as we can find. A few of our alumni are mentioned below and we'd like to include your story! You can also submit a story about an IU Nurse that you know. This form will make the process easy! If you are not yet an alumnus, we hope that you can see yourself in these nurses.

  • Marge Applegate

    Marge Applegate
    Alumna Marge Applegate’s Passion for Nursing Ethics Propelled Her Career at IU School of Nursing and Beyond

    As nurses, we have the important role as patient advocates which includes helping them become partners in making informed choices about their own care. Collaborative decision-making with all stakeholders involved leads to the overall goal of best possible patient outcome,” she said. “We are still growing and learning how to make that a consistent reality. There is no way to standardize ethics, but there are new questions, advances in care and technology every day that need to addressed to protect the patient and profession.

  • Portrait of Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson
    IU School of Nursing Alumnus Dean Patrick Robinson Leads Conversation on Nursing Education

    “Smart people were doing creative things and the environment that surrounded me was exhilarating,” he said. “My doctoral work and post-doctoral fellowship prepared me for my faculty role. As a faculty member, I found I was interested in innovation and wanted a role in leading change. That desire led me into academic leadership."

  • Portrait of Eric Newsom

    Claudia Dille
    Lifelong Learner and IU School of Nursing Alumna Claudia Dille Dedicated Her Career to Educational and Professional Excellence

    Claudie Dille, MSN '78, has always believed that nurses should never stop learning. To this day, she learns about a bevy of new topics as she enjoys her retirement. Her advice is to take webinars, continuing educational courses and to learn by traveling to other countries.

    “I consider myself a lifelong learner,” said Dille. “I’ve always thought it was important for others to have the opportunity to continue learning.

  • Portrait of Daniel Rachemacher

    Daniel Rademacher
    Alumnus Daniel Rademacher returns to further career as a family nurse practitioner.

    “Since grade school, I have been drawn to a challenge and was always picked to lead and tackle projects,” said Rademacher. “Throughout my career, I have helped people grow and become successful in their own career paths by empowering them.”

    Daniel Rademacher, BSN '94

  • Patti Gilchrist and Hillary Clinton

    Patricia Gilchrist
    IU School of Nursing Alumna Patti Gilchrist lead efforts to provide free clinical care to the uninsured.

    “Never feel that you are just one nurse and that your impact won’t make a difference. If it’s an injustice or simply a policy or procedure that you think can be improved – sell it, own it and fight for what you believe. You can be a leader."

    Patti Gilchrist, BSN '69

  • Portrait of Eric Newsom

    Eric Newsom
    Graduate and former president of the IU School of Nursing Alumni Association Eric Newsom continues to advocate for the nursing community.

    "Leadership is about vision and a message. Being president of the Alumni Association was my chance to give something back to the School. The association has been challenged to prove that it serves a purpose for its young alumni and we have begun to meet that challenge.”

    Eric Newsom, BSN '09

  • Portrait of Lillian Stokes

    Lillian Stokes
    Emerita faculty Lillian Stokes advocated for diversity throughout her 40-year career at IU School of Nursing.

    Lillian Stokes does not have trouble identifying her impact on the IU School of Nursing. "I championed for diversity in the School," she said. For over forty years, Dr. Stokes has been an advocate for her students.

  • Portrait of Margaret Pannell

    Margaret Pannell

    “I became a nurse because I truly desire to help people to make their situations better...”

    Margaret Pannell, RN, BSN '72

  • Portrait of Chad Priest

    Chad Priest

    “I am a nurse because I value health. Nursing is all about the promotion, support, and restoration of health...”

    Chad Priest, RN, JD, BSN '99

  • portrait of Kathy Russell

    Kathy Russell

    "I am a community health nurse, and I‘ve always been interested in community issues..."

    Kathleen Russell, BSN '73, MSN '79, PhD '93