Get Involved

The IU School of Nursing needs you!

Volunteer for a committee, mentor a student, or become part of our alumni board. Here are a few ways you can connect.

  • Become a capstone preceptor

    Do you remember your nursing capstone experience at IU School of Nursing (IUSON)? Are you interested in assisting senior nursing students in successfully transitioning from the student nurse role to the professional nurse?

    IU School of Nursing on the IUPUI campus is looking for preceptors to work with senior nursing students.

    The IUSON Capstone Program strives to offer experiences for student selection in all inpatient and outpatient areas, ambulatory clinics, nursing support services, community health, occupational health sites, school nurses, and other healthcare areas where a BSN prepared nurse can practice

    All first time preceptors receive preceptor training specific to the IUSON IUPUI Capstone Program in either a LIVE class or online. Contact hours are given for completing training.

    Preceptor Qualifications
    • Current Indiana licensure
    • BSN degree
    • Works a minimum of 112 hours over 6 weeks
    • Past preceptor experience preferred but not required
    • Involved in decision to become a preceptor
    • Work willingly with students
    • A recommendation from a manager

    For information on becoming an IUSON Capstone preceptor, please contact:

    Teresa Abney, MSEd
    Coordinator, Student Clinical Experiences

    Michelle Moore, MSN, RN
    Capstone Course Co-Lead

    Paula Reiss, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN
    Capstone Course Co-Lead


  • Out on the town

    There's always something afoot! The members of the IUSON Alumni Association have been meeting at Rathskellar for an informal meet and greet. If you're interested in joining us next time, contact Jay Grothause at

  • Student outreach

    Group of alums at a table talking to studentsThe world of nursing is brand new to most students. You can help them navigate nursing school and beyond by sharing your experience and expertise. To see how you might connect with today's nursing students contact Jay Grothause at

Whatever talent you have to offer and whatever time you have to commit, we welcome your service! Please contact Jay Grothause at the IU Alumni Association, 301 University Blvd., Suite 1031, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Telephone: 317-274-5058 or e-mail