Online/Distance-Accessible Learning

Readiness Index for Learning Online

About Learning Online and Via Distance Technologies

Distance learning offers a convenient, flexible way to fulfill your coursework requirements. You can usually attend class at your convenience—early in the morning, late at night, or whenever you can fit it into your schedule. However, learning via distance technologies requires a personal commitment to your education. RILO gives you an opportunity to assess your readiness for learning in this venue then helps you plan for strategies to assure your success.

As you consider online and distance-accessible learning, know that distance learning:

  • Requires self-discipline, yet gives you freedom to "attend" class at times that are more convenient to you
  • Uses written discussion for interaction—face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates is limited or non-existent
  • Allows you to review most course materials repeatedly
  • Requires you to possess a certain comfort level with computers, software, and online service providers due to its technology-rich resources
Distance Learning Readiness Quiz

Read the following questions carefully and select the answer that you feel best describes you at this time. In order to receive feedback that is helpful to your decision-making process, be certain to consider each question thoughtfully and honestly.

Study Alone vs. Peers
  1. Participating in face-to-face classroom discussions and receiving immediate feedback from classmates is:

Guidance Structure
  1. I consider my reading skills to be:

  2. Face-to-face interaction with the instructor is:

  3. I rely on the instructor to remind me of assignments and deadlines:

  4. To do my best, I like to work independently:

Self-Directed Learning and Time Management
  1. I consider myself to be:

  2. The type of learning environment I learn best in is:

  3. For me, reading text on a computer screen:

  4. When assessing my own progress, I am:

  5. My access to an Internet-ready computer is:

Computer Skills
  1. I use email:

  2. My experience with the World Wide Web is:

  3. I know that Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari are examples of:

  4. When asked about web search engines, I:

  5. When researching, I:

Computer and Technology Anxiety
  1. When confronted with technology that is new to me, I:

  2. Around computers, I feel:

  3. If I run into computing difficulties or have problems accessing the web, I:

  4. When asked to learn new software, I feel:

Time Commitment
  1. I expect that the amount of time it takes to complete an course online will be: