Online/Distance-Accessible Learning

Hardware/ Network Requirements and Software

We want you to have the most successful experience in distance courses and those that contain distance components. In order to accomplish that, your software, hardware, and network capabilities should meet or exceed the recommended minimum standards listed below.

Hardware and Network

You should own a computer purchased within the last two years and connect to the Internet using a robust, stable service that meets minimum requirements. Although you may access university services via the web from public libraries, your workplace, or other Internet-connected locations, courses using Shadow Health require supplemental software to be installed; unfortunately, most public and workplace networks will not allow you to install software and will not likely have sufficient hardware capabilities. Often clinical sites have network firewalls that may prohibit you from accessing all course requirements. It's best to work from your own computer.

NOTE: University Information Technology Services (UITS) identifies general system requirements in the ComputerGuide that are usually sufficient for IU School of Nursing undergraduate courses. They may not, however, meet the minimum requirements necessary for IU School of Nursing distance-accessible graduate and doctoral courses.

If you enroll in an IUSON graduate or doctoral program, you will need a computer purchased within the last two years that meets the requirements listed below. If you choose to purchase a computer, the ComputerGuide links you to various vendors who offer special pricing to IU  faculty, staff, and students. Please remember when configuring your new computer for purchase that you must specify the requirements you need as outlined below because the requirements listed below may not be the default options on the new system.

Component Requirement
Operating System Windows 8 or higher
Mac OS 10.7 or higher
Processor Intel i3 Core2 Duo or higher
Memory 4 GB or more of RAM
Graphics Card Intel series 2000 integrated graphics or better with Direct X 9.0c or newer
Display 1024x768 or higher resolution
Network 3 MB or higher transfer speeds

A very high-speed, very reliable Internet connection with sustained speeds and little latency. DSL and cable providers can provide this level of service. Check with your Internet Service Provider to ensure they support these levels of connectivity.

NOTE: Satellite and other types of connections typically do not work reliably for distance-accessible courses because of significant latency (the delay between an occurrence and when you are aware of the occurrence). Dial-up connections are too slow.

Indiana University has software licensing agreements with several companies. Enrolled students and university employees can download and install most Adobe and Microsoft software titles, as well as many other vendors, from IUware free of charge or use without installation from the Cloud through IUanyWare. In addition, with your IUPUI identification care you can purchase software titles at educational pricing from the campus bookstore.

If you are a graduate student taking physical assessment courses, you will use Shadow Health, an online clinical experience. Download the required Unity 3D Web Player directly from the Unity website.

NOTE: If you are taking synchronous distance-accessible courses be sure to also read the information describing the requirements for videoconferencing.