Online/Distance-Accessible Learning

Hardware & Network Requirements and Software

We want you to have a successful experience in learning from a distance. To support distance learning your software, hardware, and network capabilities should meet or exceed the recommended minimum standards listed on this page.

Hardware and Network

You should own a computer purchased new within the previous five years and connect to the Internet using a robust, stable service. Although you may access university services via the web from public libraries, your workplace, or other Internet-connected locations, many may not have the software versions and sufficient hardware and network capabilities. Clinical sites often have network firewalls that prohibit you from accessing all required course components. It's best to work from your own computer.

When you enroll in a distance-accessible IUSON program, you need a computer purchased new within the previous five years that meets the requirements listed in the ComputerGuide. This guide details the specifications needed for computers you currently own as well as those you should look for when purchasing a new computer. It also links you to vendors who offer special pricing to IU  faculty, staff, and students. When choosing the configuration prior to purchasing a new computer, specify the requirements as outlined in the ComputerGuide; the default options on the new system may not meet these minimum requirements.


Indiana University has software licensing agreements with several companies. Enrolled students and university employees can download and install most Adobe and Microsoft software titles, as well as many other vendors, from IUware free of charge or use without installation from the Cloud through IUanyWare. In addition, with your IUPUI identification card you can purchase software titles at educational pricing from the campus bookstore.

NOTE: If you are taking synchronous distance-accessible courses be sure also to read the information describing the requirements for videoconferencing.