Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of a cross-section of faculty, staff, and community members identified, developed, and refined our areas of focus and key organizational strategies for 2016—2021. With input and feedback gathered from our board of advisors and a broader group of faculty and staff, as well as information from external data sources, the team selected focus areas and strategies to advance IUSON's progress in becoming a preeminent leader in nursing education and research in the United States.

Focus Areas

  • Focus Area #1: Educate nurses prepared to deliver state-of-the-art care, conduct cutting edge research, and lead significant healthcare improvements in Indiana and beyond.

    This focus area ensures that IUSON prepares nurses with essential and cutting-edge skill sets to meet the needs of practice and academic settings in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Additionally, it builds support for our nationally recognized excellence in nursing education, research, and practice.

    Supporting Strategies:

    • Evaluate IUSON academic curricula for relevancy by matching our programs to national demands and priorities.
    • Optimize resource allocation to create viable, high quality programs that meet the public needs for nursing care.
    • Create educational programs and teaching strategies that are efficient, innovative, and effective.
    • Grow our culture of excellence in education as evidenced in faculty as exceptional educators and academic leaders.
    • Renew focus on attracting high quality, diverse students for all educational programs with an emphasis on graduate programs.
  • Focus Area #2: Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff.

    This focus area develops IUSON's most important asset—our human capital. It defines recruitment and development plans to attract and retain top-notch talent—critical strategies to maintain our status as a top-notch research and education institution.

    Supporting Strategies:

    • Renew focus on attracting and retaining faculty and staff.
    • Promote a positive, collaborative culture.
  • Focus Area #3: Be a national leader in innovative science to improve patient outcomes.

    This focus area creates an environment conducive to faculty research and scholarly activity. It includes detailed tactical initiatives to improve research support, diversify funding sources, and advance research translation into practice.

    Supporting Strategies:

    • Maximize Office of Research Support resources across the continuum from idea to dissemination.
    • Strengthen portfolio of externally funded research to improve patient outcomes in Indiana, the nation, and the world.
    • Increase breadth and depth of research funding from sources that provide indirect funds.
    • Accelerate translation of research into practice and curricula.
    • Seek funding for and implement more competitive recruitment and retention packages for full-time research faculty.

Champions provide leadership in each of the three focus areas to enable and monitor progress toward our goals and to foster regular and clear communication. Teams of faculty and staff participate in plan implementation and ensuring achievement of key benchmarks and goals.  This is an exciting time for the IU School of Nursing. Our faculty, staff, and community partners have charted a clear vision for national recognition in providing excellence in education and research that advances the health of the world's citizens, a rich, engaging community for a professional career, and exceptional partnerships locally and abroad. 

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