Global Affairs

Global Spotlights

IU School of Nursing faculty and students can be found across the globe as they participate in study abroad courses, bi-national exchanges, and international service learning programs. We host international visiting scholars at the IUSON each year as predoctoral and postdoctoral visiting scholars engage in mentored research relationships with our nursing faculty.

  • The Great Wall of China, used with permission, Creative Commons


    Nursing students participate in exchange program with Sun Yat-sen University, China

  • A Japanese pagoda roof, used with permission, Creative Commons


    Nursing students explore Japanese healthcare and education system through the "Japan: Health Care Profession Study Abroad Program."

  • A nurse holding two newborn babies in the John F. Kennedy Medical Center


    DNP students provide training on adolescent pregnancy, quality improvement, and strategic planning.

  • Students and faculty meet the King of Swaziland


    IUSON faculty and students gift the King of Swaziland with an IU flag and a first aid kit.

  • Taiwan Suspension Bridge, used with permission, Creative Commons


    Two key partnerships link IUSON with Taiwan