Global Affairs

The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) helps you to think and practice globally, increasing appreciation and respect for diversity and multiculturalism among students, faculty, staff, community partners, and patients.

IU School of Nursing has a rich history of global involvement.

Faculty discuss the School's long involvement with international affairs and the legacy of healthcare throughout the world.

Engage with the Global Community

Study abroad courses, bi-national exchanges, and international service learning programs provide a broad array of learning experiences. You will increase your experiences with diverse healthcare systems and develop a sense of global citizenship.

The healthcare community benefits as well. Graduates with intercultural experience increase their knowledge and understanding of varied approaches to organizing nursing and healthcare, and develop knowledge of specific health conditions that impact global populations.

Overseas Study Opportunities

As an IUPUI student, you are eligible to apply for more than 250 programs offered by all 8 IU campuses. You will find programs in 52 countries, offered in 17 languages (but most in English). IUPUI offers over 90 programs and IU Office of Overseas Study offers over 380 programs!

Scholarships and financial aid are available to help offset costs.

The School of Nursing provides up to $1,200 in scholarship support for undergraduate and graduate students participating in course work occurring abroad. Through the Charlotte A. Carlley/Jean E. Schweer Mentorship in Cross-Cultural Studies Fund and the International Learning Experience Program Fund, students may be awarded support for course expenses. To submit an application, complete the IUSON Study Abroad Scholarship application

Applications are due no later than the first Friday of February for summer programs.  Applications are due the third Friday of October for spring break programs.

Criteria for selection include GPA, an essay on learning goals and relevance of course to program outcomes, and strong letters of support.

International Visiting Scholars

Indiana University School of Nursing welcomes predoctoral and postdoctoral visiting scholars seeking a mentored-research relationship with a nursing faculty member. The Office of Research Support provides information about faculty members’ research expertise.

To start the process, complete the Visiting Scholar Request Form and contact either the faculty member directly with whom you desire to study or the Office of Global Affairs. The scholar and faculty member will develop a plan of study that may include auditing one academic course. Once the acceptance decision is made the scholar will work with the Office of Global Affairs to complete admission requirements of Indiana University.

Attend a Lecture

A speaker series showcases nursing faculty and student involvement and highlights campus/university initiatives in global health. Recently, four different speakers addressed issues from study abroad experiences and midwifery in Liberia to traditional Chinese medicine and nursing care in Thailand.

The Beverly C. Flynn Nursing in the Global Community Lectureship is a major highlight of the series. This forum enables a visiting lecturer to come to the IU School of Nursing and share his or her knowledge and experiences concerning international research and scholarship.

Engage in Research and Scholarship

The Global Research Initiative Program (GRIP) enables all levels of students and their faculty mentors to conduct studies through bi-national partnerships, engaging you in the scholarship of developing global perspectives and competencies.

Serve the Global Health Community

We currently have relationships with:

Moi University
John F. Kennedy Medical Center
University of Liberia
Sun Yat-sen University
Kaohsiung Medical University
National Defense Medical College
Chulalongkorn Medical University


Strategic international partnerships with the IU School of Nursing provide faculty members an opportunity to use their individual and collective expertise to contribute to advancing nursing education and research globally. Funding mechanisms include the School of Nursing, Indiana University, and federal and private mechanisms.

The Indiana Nursing Abroad program, a joint endeavor that includes IUSON partner hospitals, Indiana nursing associations and IU School of Nursing alumni, leverages a broad array of expertise to increase interest, support, and participation in achieving impact for the School of Nursing’s work in global health.