Indiana University School of Nursing Celebrates December 2020 Graduates

dean robin newhouse 

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Indiana University School of Nursing, congratulations on your graduation and entry into the nursing profession.

I see you are an IU Nurse. You have distinguishing characteristics.

You're clinicians that will improve the lives of patients, families, and communities. Some of you in this graduating class have already responded to Governor Holcomb's executive order to join the state's healthcare workforce by applying for a temporary license to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank you for your service as you transition from student to clinician.

Some of you will continue your education through graduate school or doctoral study to prepare you as advanced practice registered nurses what will:

  • diagnose and treat patients in primary care;
  • become policymakers that will influence health through local, state, and national legislation;
  • leaders of health systems;
  • serving in public health;
  • serving in primary care;
  • become scientists that will make groundbreaking discoveries that will help people choose treatments, manage symptoms, and improve the quality of life of the people they serve; and,
  • some will become faculty who will teach the next generation of nurses.

As you prepare for entry into practice, I offer you four suggestions:

First, practice with compassion and lead with compassion
Bring these two professional attributes to the science of nursing, your clinical judgment, and decision making about the patient's response to treatment and the interventions that you apply.

Second, reflect on why you chose nursing as a profession.
These reflections will enhance your professional development and help you make decisions important to your professional life.

Third, embrace challenges as opportunities.
Use these opportunities to think innovatively and work with others toward new approaches to practice.

Fourth, treasure the special relationships that you have with your patients.

I know his last semester at Indiana University has been different than we ever expected in many ways. As you progress through your career, you will have quite a story to tell about your experience attending and graduating from nursing school during a pandemic.

Stay connected to Indiana University. We are interested in hearing your updates and reconnecting with you at alumni events. We know that you are well-prepared and ready, and today you take the first step toward your future. I congratulate you for your accomplishments, and I am enthusiastic about your future.

Congratulations! You will make a difference to the health of countless people because you are an Indiana University nurse.

And, today is a good day to be an IU nurse.

Dean Robin Newhouse, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Rebecca EllisCongratulations, graduates of our graduate programs!

My name is Rebecca Bartlett Ellis, and I’m the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

I would like to congratulate graduates of our Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (PhD),  graduates of our Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program (DNP) and to also congratulate the graduates of our Master’s of Nursing Science (MSN).

Those of you who are graduating from these programs are entering into advanced roles and helping to drive the advancement of nursing practice and science.

We are proud of you, and proud of the work that is yet to come, as you contribute to advancing the practice and science of our discipline.


Associate Dean Rebecca Ellis, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

nursing pin

Indiana University School of Nursing Pledge

I hereby pledge before this assembly as a member of the Indiana University School of Nursing to uphold its core values of respect, responsibility, trust and dialogue. I will show respect for all people, recognizing the importance of their individual contributions and diversity. I will take full responsibility for my actions, and foster trust by acting with honesty, integrity, and openness. I pledge to maintain high personal standards and strive to elevate myself in the nursing profession through a process of lifelong learning. I will maintain the privacy and confidence of my patients. I will embrace diversity, be impartial and devote myself to continuously advocate for the safety and welfare of those committed to my care. To the best of my ability I will serve in my practice with distinction. 


doctor of philosophy graduates

Adele Deborah Lenae Crouch
Dissertation: Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Breast Cancer Survivors
Faculty Advisor: Diane Von Ah, PhD, RN, FAAN
Kimberly Sue Hodge
Dissertation: Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Readmission in Older Adults
Faculty Advisor: Janet Fulton, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN
Christina Kiger
Dissertation: The Attributes of Nurse Residency Programs Influencing the Newly
Licensed Registered Nurse

Faculty Advisor: Julie Otte, PhD, RN, OCN

Stephanie L. Myers

Tosha Draper
Nurse Leadership in Health Systems

undergraduate honors program graduates

Amy Bales
Honors Research Project: “Attributes and key behaviors of implementing and
adhering to a medication regimen: A Literature Review”

Faculty Mentor: Rebecca J. Bartlett Ellis, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

Cecilia Lesch
Honors Research Project: “Attributes and key behaviors of implementing and
adhering to a medication regimen: A Literature Review”

Faculty Mentor: Rebecca J. Bartlett Ellis, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

undergraduates with highest distinction

Kyleah Cochran
Joseph Fields
Paige Harder
Brandi Harrison
Julie Haschel
Sierra Kindig
Casey Kress
James Lamb
Kathleen Mccoy
Ramanpreet Nagra
Christina Pennington
Vanessa Potter
Theresa Stein
Distinction is awarded to 10% of the total graduating class

bachelor of science in nursing graduates

Makenna Adams
Ameedat Adedokun
Alexis Agnew
Sarah Alders
Bailei Aldrich
Nathaniel Altheide
Mary Angstadt
Amy Bales
Favour Benson
Mariah Berry
Elizabeth Betts
Alison Brackett
Megan Burcham
Taylor Callahan
Kyle Carter
Meika Caughey
Rachel Chadd
Cierra Choate
Kyleah Cochran
Elizabeth Cole
Jacob Conrad
Shayna Craft
Julianne Dawes
Destiny Deeter
Rebecca DeHaven
Mia Demeter
Anna Dolce
Erin Dougherty
Ellen Drummond
Abigail Earle
Kaci Elliott
Toyosi Fagbemi
Omotola Fasanya
Kaitlynn Fickel
Joseph Fields
Jessica Flodder
Krystyn Flynn
Samantha Franczak
Abbigail Frazier
Jessica Freouf
Taylor Goodman
Amanda Gosnell
Khanh Michael Ha
Paige Harder

Brandi Harrison
Julie Haschel
Lauren Hazel
Courtney Hodge
Kylie Hohlt
Oluwakemi Ijimakinwa
Shayquan Jones
Wanda Kendall
Sierra Kindig
Alexis King
Mercedes King
Danielle Koch
Casey Kress
Meredith Laderer
James Lamb
Austin Leland
Cecilia Lesch
Carli Lewman
Feifei Lin
Hayley Linton
Caitlynn Long
Morgan Lyle
Karen Lynch
Jeffrey McCallister
Ashleigh McCloskey
Kathleen McCoy
Christopher McGillem
Deneen McKinney
Daniel Meyer
Makayla Miller
A’Teria Moore
Sara Murff
Briana Myers
Ramanpreet Nagra
Ja Seng Nan
Jade Nevils
Brianna Nyland
Natalie Owens
Joseph Owusu
Paige Parker
Christina Pennington
Emily Perry
Ross Petruska
Kyle Pfister

Breana Pogue
Vanessa Potter
Antonio Presta
Erika Pyle
Callie Rendle
Timothy Resac
Alyssa Samuels
Justin Satori
Gabrille Sawle
Nadia Shah
Keleigh Sims
Kendra Sizemore
Alivia Skillman
Jacob Smith
Meghan Solano
Shawntanae Spencer
Ketra Stasen
Gina Steckler
Theresa Stein
Alexander Stettler
Erica Sturgeon
Hayley Swanson
Yuriko Tashiro
Sarah Thompson
Meredith Tobar
Alyssa Tooley
Bridge Towalid
Celeste Trevino
Rachel Tucker
Joseph Tuell
Mariah Vallejo
Aziza Vance
Samantha VanDeGenahte
Nina Voight
Talin Wambach
Jessica Wayman
Natalie Weber
Mackenzie Wells
Chelsea Whalen
Lauren Wherry
Bailey Womble
Yesenia Zapata
Rebekah Zenn
Traci Zenman