Indiana University School of Nursing Celebrates 2021 Graduates

dean robin newhouse On behalf of the faculty and staff of Indiana University School of Nursing, congratulations on your graduation and entry into the nursing profession as a BSN-prepared nurse. 

Congratulations to our Doctoral Graduates, which include those from the Doctor of Nursing Practice and the PhD programs.

Congratulations to our Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists as they begin their role as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Masters-prepared Leaders of Health Systems and Masters-Prepared Educators.

We are so proud of each and every one of you.

I know this last year has been different than any of us ever expected. When I think of you, the words resilient, dedicated, and tenacious come to mind. I imagine that you will carry those characteristics with you through your lifetime, And after all, you are IU Nurses. You will accomplish much and make a different to the health of countless people, their families and communities.

For example, let me start with some statistics: 30.4 million. 550,000. Big numbers. Important priority. These statistics are cases of coronavirus -  30.4 million people. And deaths - 550,000 people related to coronavirus.

Nurses have been central to the response to coronavirus, serving on the front lines of infection control, delivering health care in all settings: public health, home visits community, ambulatory, acute care, long-term care. I know that as clinicians, you, personally and collectively, will improve the lives of patients, families, and their communities, protecting, promoting and optimizing their health.

You will prevent illness through your assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of your plan. You will prevent injury through strategies as patient education and policy advocacy. You will alleviate suffering through your diagnosis and treatment of the human response. You will have an opinion about policy and will advocate for health care for individuals, families, communities and populations.

I would also like to acknowledge that many of you successfully completed a graduate program while working on the front lines, clinically, in response to the coronavirus surge.

Now, you move to the next stage of your career: an Advanced-Practice Registered Nurse that will diagnose and treat patients in primary care; policy makers that will influence health through local, state and national legislation; leaders of health systems; public health and primary care clinical leaders who will translate evidence to practice; and scientists that will make ground-breaking discoveries that will help people choose treatments, manage symptoms, and improve the quality of life for people they care for.
Some will become faculty, who will teach the next generation of nurses.

I am exceptionally proud of you and congratulation you on your graduation. I know you and how important you are now and will be to the health of the nation because you are an IU Nurse and today is a good day to be an IU Nurse.

Dean Robin Newhouse, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Rebecca EllisCongratulations, graduates of our graduate programs!

My name is Rebecca Bartlett Ellis, and I’m the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Today, we celebrate you and we are so incredibly proud of your accomplishments. We’re excited about your future and your contribution to the profession. We wish you all the best and your continued success and career as you celebrate yourself as an IU Nurse graduate.


Associate Dean Rebecca Ellis, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

nursing pin

Indiana University School of Nursing Pledge

I hereby pledge before this assembly as a member of the Indiana University School of Nursing to uphold its core values of respect, responsibility, trust and dialogue. I will show respect for all people, recognizing the importance of their individual contributions and diversity. I will take full responsibility for my actions, and foster trust by acting with honesty, integrity, and openness. I pledge to maintain high personal standards and strive to elevate myself in the nursing profession through a process of lifelong learning. I will maintain the privacy and confidence of my patients. I will embrace diversity, be impartial and devote myself to continuously advocate for the safety and welfare of those committed to my care. To the best of my ability I will serve in my practice with distinction. 


doctor of philosophy graduates

Katie Ruth Busby
Dissertation: Exploring mentoring relationships among novice nurse faculty:
A grounded theory

Research Chair: Deanna Reising, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FNAP, ANEF
Adele Deborah Lenae Crouch
Dissertation: Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Breast Cancer
Survivors Research

Chair: Diane Von Ah, PhD, RN, FAAN
Kimberly Sue Hodge
Dissertation: Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Readmissions
in Older Adults

Research Chair: Janet Fulton, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, ANEF, FCNS, FAAN
Christina Louise Kiger
Dissertation: The Attributes of Nurse Residency Programs Influencing
the Newly Licensed Registered Nurse

Research Co-Chairs: Julie Otte, PhD, RN, FAAN and
Deborah DeMeester, PhD, RN, CNE
Kimberly Renee McNealy
Dissertation: Understanding of Interprofessional Communication to Impact
Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Research Chair: Deanna Reising, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN, FNAP, ANEF
Stacy Ann Rosales
Dissertation: The Mother’s Lived Experience of Breastfeeding in the
First 4 Weeks Postpartum: A Heideggerian Hermeneutic
Phenomenological Analysis

Research Chair: Deborah Stiffler, PhD, RN, CN
Andrea Lynn Tanner
Dissertation: "It's Hard!": Adolescents' School Experience and
Self-Management of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

Research Chair: Wendy Miller, PhD, RN, CNS, CCRN, FAAN, FAES

Deanna Abel
Shalini Alim
Kristin Bassett
Melvin Bolden
Heather Green-Schembra
Mavis Mesi
Stephanie Myers
Jacquelyn Szalmasagi
Rosalind Williams

Maria Alatorre
Lissa Anderson
Katlyn Arrivillaga
Amanjit Banwait
Lauren Bartniski
Samantha Biddle
Rachael Birge
Lauren Black
Krish Bonebrake
Lindsay Bouwie
Sara Brainerd
Stephanie Cartwright
Angela Chestnut
Brandi Christy
Alyssa Clark
Adam Coleman
Danyell Cope
Shakeeta Cotton
Sherri Dudley
Bethany Eifrid
Danielle Elsner
Laurie Everett
Jason Fansler
Jonathan Fansler
Patricia Fields
Shannon Fish
Kylie Fletcher
Kelsi Forman
Jena Gerritsen
Cary Gibbs
Ronald Girt
Catherine Goldman
Kevin Gordon
Devan Graves
Jasmine Graves
Cheryl Gustin
Brian Hacker
Kreyl Hall
Karis Hall
Heather Hambrick
Thomas Harmes
Holli Harshman
Taryn Hart
Gabrielle Hayes
Katherine Hogg
Augustina Hone
Robin Howell
Zachary Johnson
Angela Jones
Jenae Jones
Jordan Kempson
Amanda Kent
Jaclyn Kolodzik
Alison Krzesniak
Charles Kuhfahl
Kirstin Lawson
Minah Lee
Krista Linson
Kristin Mabry
Dorvanta Magsby
Amanda Malerich
Bobbi Marietta
Jennifer Markowitz
Melanie Marksteiner
Ashley McFarland
Amy McGhie
Alison McKinley
Jayme Melton
Vanessa Moore
Sarah Morariu
Katie Morris
Olivia Moulton
Heather Mullin
Neftali Navarro
Andrew Newell
Asa Niedbalski
Matthew O’Neal
Hnin Nway
Catherine Oplinger
Aghogho Ottahsmart
Saru Parajuli
Amanda Parsons
Hetal Patel
Sarah Pottschmidt
Marisa Rainey
Hannah Rapp
Emma Rice
Jason Ridenour
Megan Ridley
Suzanne Rossiter
Abena Sackey
Kristin Schilling-Naval
John Sizemore
Tyler Smith
Madeline Snyder
Rachel Stark
John Streeter
Elizabeth Streich
Amy Taylor
Cynthia Teyou
Courtney Tharp
Carmella Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Jade Thomas
Sarah Thixton
Gavneet Uppal
Emma Velazquez
Haley Vannoy
Jennifer Vandivier
Leslie Vaught
Amanda Vernon
Emily Waldron
Angela Walker
Jessica Watson
Jennifer Weller
Courtney Wendt
Bryan White
Aisha Williams
Kristin Winternheimer
Aaron Winters
Karri Woodard

undergraduate honors program graduates

Caroline Boyle
Michon Held
Allison Kochanski
Reilly McGovern
Anna Schmidt
Lydia Sempsrott
Ivy Straber

Honors Research Project: “Adherence Measures, Definitions, Rates and
Factors Associated with Adherence to Oral Medications among Children
and Adolescents/Young Adults with Cancer: An Integrative Review”

Faculty Mentor: Celeste R. Phillips, PhD, RN

undergraduates with highest distinction

Jennifer Allemeier
*Theresa Beardsley
*Bridget Bills
Jessica Braun
Jennifer Burton
*Olivia Cubbage

Rylee Davis
Katherine Dolen
Mallory Dunn
Amanda Fears
Brian Hobbie
Montana Jenkins
*Timothy June

Manjyot Kaur
Caitlin Mattingly
*Sarah Reilly McNerney
Sebastian Milia
*Bethany Miller
*Larissa Neville

Kathleen Schronce
*Anne Schwind

Margaret Street
Zane Warren
Samantha Watters
*August 2021 Graduates
Distinction is awarded to 10% of the total graduating class

bachelor of science in nursing graduates

May 2021

Brayan Aguilar-Gallegos
Love Akar
Peyton Ali
Jennifer Allemeier
Genevieve Anderson
Anna Andres
Mariama Bah
Rhonda Bailey
Emily Barr
Jennifer Beal
Mackenzie Berger
Rebeckah Bernard
James Bignotti
Caitlin Binder
Alexandra Blosser
Sandra Bostic
Caroline Boyle
Ally Brandenstein
Austin Bratton
Jessica Braun
Katelynn Brewer
Emily Britt
Meghan Buchanan
Gracia Bulaya
Jennifer Burton
Taylor Busse
Donna Camacho
Brooke Caron
Alyssa Carter
Mario Catalan
Kathy Celis
Alexis Cook
Alexis Cooper
Tara Cummings
Morgan Davis
Rylee Davis
Gina Deal
Katherine Dolen
Savanna Donaldson
Courtney Dunlap
Mallory Dunn
Chloe Eck
Cody Edwards
Hannah Eickhoff
Abieyuwa Ekhator
Adrianna Enyeart
Steven Erlandson
Inez Esteban
Amanda Fears
Renee Fields
Sylvia Forbeck
Chelsea Ford
Kimberlee Forrest
Jessica Genis
Kathleen Gilbert
Kirat Gill
Hannah Glazier
Serena Gombold
Christina Gomez
Juan Gomez
Collyn Goodwin
Emily Green
Barbara Groll
Macy Hardwick
Allison Harrington
Michon Held
Brian Hobbie
Morgan Hotopp
Antonia Hur
Alexis Ireland
Hannah Jay
Montana Jenkins
Hannah Jones
Kelly Joy
Sam Kastellic
Neeharika Katragadda
Manjyot Kaur
Parker Kendal
Emily Kilgore
Michael Kirwan

Carolyn Kissel
Allison Kochanski
Linsay Korkos
Megan Kosa
Eevee Lagmay
Staci Lang
Matthew Laubach
Alexandra Lawrence
Nancy Le
Kaylee Lenig
Abbie Lepper
Necole Lett
Kristin Lewis
Maria Martinez
Caitlin Mattingly
Savanah McAuley
Reilly McGovern
Joel McKinzie
Sarah Michael
Madison Mick
Sebastian Milia
Chloe Miller
Peyton Miller
Rekiya Mohammed
Joshua Moody
Kaitlyn Muench
J’Aimee Naughton
Mackenzie Neeley
Lynsie Neighbors
Lauren Nopporn
Teresa Nowdomski
Nichole Oaf
Megan Palmer
Mackenzie Parton
John Paule
Elizabeth Price
Olivia Raney
Eric Ratliff
Taylor Raymond
Jadelyn Reeves
Tim Resac
Morgen Retharekar
Kaley Retherford
Danielle Robinson
Jadelyn Rogers
Jazlyn Roll
Keegan Roloff
Amber Rush
Morgan Rymer
Gabriela Santes Diaz
Vanessa Santos
Shelbi Satterfield
Sarah Schlachter
Anna Schmidt
Kathleen Schronce
Lydia Sempsrott
John Shoemaker
Brady Smith
Rebecca Spitalniak
Nicholas Stapleton
Megan Steif
Ivy Straber
Margaret Street
Kirsten Svetich
Kristin Thieroff
Jarett Todd
Zulamita Trejo
Nicole Vande Vusse
Jessica Vera
Monica Vilma
Rebecca Vivanco
Milica Vranic
Zane Warren
Samantha Watters
Mallory Willis
Kirsten Witrykowski
Caitlyn Yost
Katelyn Zachary
August 2021
Adeola Adedayo
Sanaa Ahmed
Cheryl Ahmer
Rachel Allison
Diana Anton
Mercy Awoyale
Danielle Baker
Kelly Barnes
Theresa Beardsley
Bridget Bills
Brooke Cauhorn
Rebecca Chalfant
Dennis Cho
Claire Choinacky
Heather Crull
Oliva Cubbage
Kristen Cunanan
Johnathan DeVoss
Dominique Finch
Uriel Gama-Rodriguez
Katherine Greenwell
Michaela Griffey
Tarah Henderson
Christina Herzog
Dalounny Homsab
Desiree Inman
Allyssa Jacobs
Timothy June
Austin Kimmel
Stevana Laird
Nick Leonard
Matthew Lillie
Michael Loyen
Nuianghnem Mang
Brittine Martin

Stephamie Mbabit
Becca McCrobie
Stephanie McGovern
Sarah Riley McNerney
Samantha Meyer
Bethany Miller
Michelle Mithoefer
Nathan Morang
Erica Murray
Anita Mwanza
Henok Netabai
Larissa Neville
Megan Overton
Tabatha Petro
Brandon Petruolo
Maci Pickering
Heath Price
Olufunke Raji
Ashley Ridge
Ashley Roberts
Omar Sammour
Kayla Schultz
Anne Schwind
Yabsira Seleshi
Nadia Siddiqui-Yoakum
Samantha Sloan
Alexis Smith
Jordan Stotts
Nicole Tanaka
Kasche Taylor
Alexandra Tinch
Gregory Vega
Jessica Winders
Amanda Yadavia
Lillian Young