Indiana University School of Nursing Celebrates 2020 Graduates

Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses....we must be learning all of our lives.
-Florence Nightingale

Dean Robin NewhouseCongratulations Class of 2020!
When you reflect back on this time of your life, you will smile, understanding fully the magnitude of what you achieved during an unprecedented pandemic, witnessing a time when nurses were recognized daily for their heroic efforts, clinical expertise, and compassionate care of seriously ill patients.

You now join the ranks of Indiana University School of Nursing alumni who are proud to call themselves an IU Nurse.

We wish you every success!

Dean Robin Newhouse


Janek SquibbWhen I first arrived home for spring break, just days after in-person learning was suspended for the semester and graduation lingered in limbo, I was angry and upset. All of the momentous activities we envisioned – capstone, graduation celebrations, trips, and gatherings with loved ones – were no longer able to happen in the way we initially planned.

It was my mom who calmly said to me, “Janek, I’m sorry that your senior year didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would, but I think you’re forgetting about all of the positive aspects of your life that you’ve been blessed with.” I was reminded in that moment just how powerful a change in perspective can be.

Class of 2020,
Today, let’s celebrate all of the experiences we’ve had during nursing school instead of dwelling on the ones we don’t get to have. Reflect on photos and videos, share stories, reach out to classmates, and thank the people who made it all possible.

We have encountered numerous obstacles and immeasurable joy, early mornings at clinical and late nights studying, tears and laughter, doubt and confidence. Through these peaks and valleys, I’m grateful that we’ve walked through this journey of personal and professional growth together. May we always remember the importance of a grateful heart, both as we look back on these years and forward towards our futures as nurses.

A special thank you to my support system and the greatest blessings in my life – Mom, Dad, Mac, Cainan, Grandma, Grandpa, Hannah, Sarah, Morgan, Liz, and Natalie. I love you all!

Janek Squibb, BSN '20

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doctor of philosophy graduates

Stacy A. Rosales
Dissertation: The Mother’s Lived Experience of Breastfeeding in the First 4 Weeks Postpartum: A Heideggerian Hermeneutic Phenomenological Analysis
Faculty Advisor: Deborah Stiffler, PhD, RN, CNM

Christina Kiger
Dissertation: The Attributes of Nurse Residency Programs Influencing the Newly Licensed Registered Nurse
Faculty Advisor: Julie Otte, PhD, RN, OCN

Kelli Thoele
Dissertation: Adoption and Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
Faculty Advisor: Robin P. Newhouse, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Kalyn Marie Renbarger
Dissertation: The Healthcare Experiences of Pregnant and Postpartum Women with Substance Use Disorders
Faculty Advisor: Claire Burke Draucker, PhD, RN, APRN, FAAN

masters in nursing science graduates

Luke Acton
Sherry Arbuckle
Lindsay Baughman
Ruth Boberg
Emily Bollman
Carrie Butcher
Bambi Cardinal
Consolacion Monica Chan
Jessica Cook
Hannah Cummins
Eric DeGraaf
Teresa Drescher
Anna Durkee
Sasha Edmondson
Charles Elomba
Elizabeth Beth Fox
Kirsetn Gilmore
Daniel Hatch

Christa Houser
Lakhwinder Insan
Meghan Janik
Monicah Kariuki
Lacy Katowich
Brittney Koopman
Melanie Lehr
Danica Marana
Marissa Mueller
Tabitha Murphy
Morgan Oberle
Tessa Offerle
Heather Ormiston-LeClear
Alison Ortman
Anna Payton
Jennifer Pelley
Janet Peters

Erin Rammel
Jana Reese
Cynthia Rice
Suzane Roberts
Precious Simataa
Nekia Stanley
Erica Sterling
Megan Tebbe
Kourtney Terry
Megan Trotter
Ellen Turner
Robin Uberta
Emily Vanderpool
Tameka Warren
Victoria Warren
Sarah Webb
Lacey Wills

undergraduate honors program graduates

Jennifer Alwine
Keelie Baker
Maria Bratton
Morgan Cappelletti
Elizabeth Drummond
David Espiritu
Samantha King
Rilie May
Hannah Oliver
Demi Panagopoulos
Grace Ramseyer
Sarah Shoemaker
Janek Squibb


bachelor of science in nursing graduates

Ayobami Adebayo
Peter Agbo
Jennifer Alwine
Brian An
Marycatherine Andrews
Brianna Arnold
Keelie Baker
Stephanie Ball
Emily Bates
Maria Bratton
Andrew Brill
Shelby Brown
Imani Bugg
Hannah Busha
Morgan Cappelletti
Hannah Carithers
Alexandra Carpenter
Jordan Childers
Phil Clendenen
Katherine Cornelius
Maria Cruz
Julianna Cservenak
Hannah Cunningham
Rachel Dalton
Fallon Daniels
Lauren David
Lucy Davis
Morgan De Leon
Rachael Delph
Ashley Deridder
Garrett Detwiler
Celeste Dintaman
Keoshia Dorsey
Brittany Dowell
Kayla Drake
Elizabeth Drummond
Jessica Dunn
Taelor Eads
David John Espiritu
Shelby Fields
Taylor Fink
Benjamin Fisher
Jonah Flaskamp
Breanne Fox
Gabriella Galvan
Kimberly Gipson
Lauren Godden
Karen Goff
Reghan Graber
Brianda Guadarrama
Adelene Henderson
Sydney Henn
Cheyenne Hines
Kayli Huffman
Mckenna Hummel
Julia Huntzinger
Yoshika Iwamoto
Anjelica Jefferson
Laylaa Jojo-Cunningham
Natalie Josephson
Cindy Julcarima
Mallory Kaelin
Samantha King
Rachel Klein
Karli Koning
McKenna Lake
Erica Lee
Jeongin Lee
Laura Lentz
Austin Love
Chantal Ly
Claire Mathies
Aaron Matthews
Rilie May-Dent
Kaitlyn Mccoy
Andrea Mcintyre
Eric Mendenhall
Jasmyn Middlebrooks
Elizabeth Miklozek
Courtney Mitzel
Claire Moore
Lauren Mullikin
Jade Nevils
Julia Niederholtmeyer
Shelby Olinger
Hannah Oliver
Myriam Ortega Caceres
Demi Panagopoulos
Tony Panozzo
Tulsi Patel
Sydney Payne
Baili Peterson
Bailee Popp
Kylee Putt
Jessica Ragsdale
Grace Ramseyer
Leah Ranft
Taylor Reynolds
Emily Riley
Jared Riley
Melissa Rusk
Salvador Salazar
Maria Saucedo
Sydney Schladweiler
Savanna Schoon
Brandon Schrameyer
Audrey Shipman
Sarah Shoemaker
Hailey Sims
Tiffany Skates
Allison Smith
Liza-Jean Smith
Sophia Smith
Lilli Spaeth
Natalie Spangle
Jessica Spears
Janek Squibb
Jordan Starnes
Ketra Stasen
Lauren Stewart
Natalie Sturgis
Dawit Tesfamariam
Kaylee Thompson
Zulamita Trejo
Victoria Utterback
Amanda Vivaldi
Madison Vorndran
Lauren Wagner
Tracy Walker
Paige Weaver
Emily Webb
Logan Webb
Autumn Webster
Crystal West
Kyle West
Erin White
Lauren Whitmore
Lydia Woodcox
Tanner Wright

robin newhouse giving thumbs up