Susan Hickman, PhD

Susan Hickman, PhD

Community & Health Systems
Research in Palliative and End-of-Life Communication and Training (RESPECT) Center
Co-director, Research in Palliative and End-of-Life Communication and Training (RESPECT) Center

Contact Information

Phone: (317) 274-0032
Nursing E419, Indianapolis


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Portland Veteran Affairs Medical Center
PhD, University of Kansas
MA, University of Kansas
BA, Wellesley College


Dr. Hickman is a clinical psychologist whose research program reflects her strong commitment to optimizing the quality of life for older adults in life's final chapter through improved decision-making and communication about treatment preferences. The National Institute of Nursing Research has awarded $2.2 million to her to evaluate the use in Indiana nursing homes of a new advance-care planning tool created to help ensure that patient's end-of-life treatment preferences are honored.  See press release at

External Funding

The Walther Cancer Foundation. Funded by The Walther Cancer Foundation (S. Hickman, PI).

1E1CMS331488-01-00 (2016-2020) Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents - Payment Reform (K. Unroe, PI; G. Sachs, S. Hickman, N. Fowler, J. Carnahan, E. Miller, K. Frank, G. Arling, Co-Is).

R01 NR015255 (2016-2019) The Quality of POLST Decisions in the Nursing Facility Setting (S. Hickman, PI; G. Sachs, MD, A. Torke, MD, R. Sudore, MD, Co-Is).

The John A. Hartford Foundation (2015-2016) The OPTIMISTIC Planning Grant (Unroe, PI; G. Sachs, N. Fowler, S. Hickman, & A. Thomas, Co-Is).

Walther Palliative Care Program, Indiana University (2015-2016) Physician Guidance and Clinician Counseling for POST (A. Torke, PI; S. Hickman, S. Counsell, T. James, & T. Quill, Co-Is).

The Greenwall Foundation (2014-2016) What do surrogates mean by Goals of Care for older adults with serious illness? (A. Torke, PI; S. Hickman, G. Sachs, P. Helft, L. Wocial, P. Monahan, Co-Is).

Melisa Reasner McGuire Advised Endowment, Fund at Rancho Santa Fe Foundation (2014-2016) Woltman Family Communication Program (Hickman, PI; L. Wocial & M. Broome, Co-Is).

Methodist Health Foundation (2014-2018) Primary Palliative Care in the Academic Health System (S. Ivy, PI; G. Sachs, S. Hickman, L. Fettig, G. Bosslet, Co-Is).

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2012-2016) Optimizing Patient Transfers, Impacting Medical Quality, and Improving Symptoms: Transforming Institutional Care (OPTIMISTIC) (G. Sachs, K. Unroe, Co-PIs; A. Nazir, M. LaMantia, S. Hickman, M. Ersek, Co-Is).

Selected Publications

Hickman, S. E., Unroe, K. Tl., Ersek, M., Buente, B. B., & Sachs, G. A. (in press). An interim analysis of an advance care planning intervention in the nursing home setting. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

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